Even more "help" from Amazon


No comment.

And you won’t have to worry about airing your business issues out in the Twitterverse.


You mean exactly what we have been saying all along???

This screams of engagement is down, we have to get people back to justify our department.

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It’ll be tough to surpass the very first reply, by the seasoned & savvy forum vet @AnOnyxMouse:

There exists some very credible evidence that the backdoor-access channels of SeSu’s SocMed accounts have proven beneficial over the years to some members of our Seller Community facing this or that illogically-constructed brick wall - but I’m with Onyx:

Tear down this silo, Amazon.


And then there was the move from uncertain to uncertain and these changes weren’t made by us … maybe ask Elon …

If you can’t find help on NSFE and like it, then come over to X where it will never be found.

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Now Amazon is encouraging sellers to use multiple non-Amazon methods of engagement…

Sounds like an opportunity to plug SAS. :smile:


They’re not even bothering to hide it, now; notice how @Tom_Amzn - who, judging from his reply to Danika, is apparently directly engaged with one or another of the SocMed channels - was onboarded to the NSFE NOT as a member of the FMT (despite the mod’s avatar), but rather as a seller, & without the standard “Amazon Employee” ‘Displayed Business/Global Account Name,’ as may (currently) be seen from his NSFE Profile (link).



So we should be able find out where he lives then, right? :crazy_face:

No, THIS thread they will pay attention to, as one of their own super duper aren’t we good posts. Use the ones a Mod is less likely to read, I currently have two out there that are not getting deleted. But they might be too subtle :upside_down_face:


Just no words. IF these ahats could read and had an inkling to the root cause and the root team, perhaps they could root for us - but it’s all a quagmire of googlers or whatever database and case responders via templates - it’s even harder now

Survival of the fittest bruh…

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I archived them both, in passing, as a result of another exercise, and you could be correct - but your last few hints aren’t the only ones that are still extant in various NSFE discussions.

They know the knowledge is to be found here, and by and large not there.


No, THIS thread they will pay attention to, as one of their own super duper aren’t we good posts.

I don’t think ( :crossed_fingers: ) we would be prohibited from mentioning SAS in the normal course of a discussion, I just don’t think we’re allowed to promote it. It’s always been acceptable to say eBay, Walmart, Facebook, Reddit etc. You should be able to say something along the lines of -

While Amazon is now seemingly directing sellers to off-Amazon resources, it may help people to know that many of the ‘experts’ who used to provide much of the help here have built their own user forum, which still maintains PM’s and where you can find many of the long-time sellers who used to post here before Amazon decided to reveal everyone’s identity.

The Mods may frown on mentioning the name of the website here, but a Google search should reveal it. Note that the Mods are aware of this site, as they’ve deleted several references to it from posts here, lol.



We have seen other sellers use the Amazon moderator avatar on NSFE. We even challenged one and explained why that was not a good thing to do. That one changed it after our exchange. We think using the AMT avatar is against TOS as it would be an authorized use of Amazon property.

Maybe we will go challenge this one also.

Done …



Yepper, I’ve seen it too, most recently with @Danny10’s latest change of handle & avatar.

Ever since the Days of Jive, in various guises (there’s a reason why I keep track of handle changes), that particular long-time forum vet has gleefully delighted in tweaking Amazon’s nose.


It will be interesting to see how many thumbs down we get from this one. One of our last posts (one of humor) got 27 … so that is our high mark to beat … :wink:

Got a response from @Danika_Amazon


I will investigate is not I will take action.

No way to PM the user about the infraction.

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email about the infraction … or …
invite them to engage Amazon on X ( @amznsellerhelp ) … :smirk:


Here here! Bravo @AnOnyxMouse

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