FBA Limits / Capacity Manager

Is it me or is Amazon really stupid? Are magical people going to fall out of the sky on 3-1-23?

I’m floored that Amazon hasn’t raised the limits much as we get closer to 3-1 - you know - 3 days from now…

Everyone is going to see their limit jump 4X on Wed and we all know that most will load up. How the hell is Amazon going to handle that volume? We are going from 29,000 units to the equivalent space of 80,000 units.

They have been bumping them up 10-15% every week but never got close to what reality will be on Wed. Weird… I suspect there will be MASSIVE delays in check ins / receiving / LTL pickup for at least 2 months. Just another nightmare to deal with.

By the time this is all settled the limits will be going down again for Q4… Who are these geniuses?


Some FCs are still backed up from Q4 2022, too. :expressionless:


Things for us have been pretty quick. LTL check ins are happening in 2 or 3 days which is FAST.

We can kiss that shit goodbye bigly… Amazon missed a pickup for us on Friday. Rescheduled for tomorrow. Hope they show.

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This. I live very close to FTW1 and all of my shipments go there and are delivered in 1 day.

My last 3 have gone to MEM1. Ugh.


And I just got this email…

You are receiving this message because your top-selling FBA ASINs may not have enough inventory to keep up with your customer orders, and you will need to send additional inventory to ensure that customers receive their items.
Also, you should maintain 4 to 8 weeks of sales as inventory so your customers can receive your products as soon as possible to accommodate two-day, one-day or even same-day delivery.
Note: Sellers who have faster shipping speeds have higher offer win rates and higher conversion.

I’m particularly intrigued by the implication that if I don’t send in more inventory, customers will place orders that won’t be filled and it will be my fault.

I don’t care what anyone says - If you don’t keep 90 days at FBA - YOU LOSE…

Been down this road so many times in the last 4 years.

Let’s see how badly Amazon screws up this time with the new capacity manager. There’s ZERO reason for Amazon to allow more than 100 days of anything at FBA but here we go again, starting on Wed.

Further to that point, if you are a new seller (first 39 weeks), you can send millions of units to FBA because you have no limit.

Someone tell me that this isn’t the dumbest piece of Amazon policy every created - and that’s saying a whole hell of a lot.


I’m not arguing with you! Amazon is arguing with you… :stuck_out_tongue:

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This deserves a solution.


I just got an email from Amazon, in response to a case that they opened complaining that I haven’t sent enough stuff into FBA. I guess because I am not fully utilizing their capacity limits?

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Curious what your storage fees are on 90 days of all inventory held at Amazon and if that equates to just one sku of our inventory for the same period. Also what % of revenue is that fee per item.

Our storage bill is so freaking cheap bc of how small these bottles are. We pay like $150 a month avg (including Q4). Let’s call it a tiny fraction of 1%. Not going to give the exact # bc I don’t want to be totally transparent. :wink:

I’m OK with tripling that number or more if that means we can keep our badges, rank, and most importantly sales. The difference there when loaded up properly is $25-$30K a month in sales lift. Let’s see - Spent $200 for $25K. Sounds like a healthy ROI to me. There’s a risk though. Amazon decides to slash the limits, we are SOL or stuck paying for space and nobody knows what that costs yet on the bidding system. Again, we have an advantage there bc 200 feet is 40,000 units. $20 a foot - I’m good with that if it means $30K a month in sales plus we would likely get most of that back on the credit system for sales. Like PPC, there are going to be lots of Desperados that will pay whatever it takes to get their FTL of Alibaba junk in because someone on Youtube told them they would sell it out in 9 days.

With us, it’s all about having a shit ton of inventory at Amazon to win. If we aren’t showing same day / overnight delivery, we aren’t getting that sale. That’s just the way it is when you’re selling the same basic thing as 400 other “brands”.

I could see how it might be different in other categories.

Not that I haven’t tested this theory to death but I just pumped a ton of inventory in for my slower account. Let’s see what happens on the top line once it’s in and moved around. I would venture to guess the sales will be heading northbound swiftly based on the past.

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We have one SKU alone that would exceed $600/mo in storage fees. Storing 90 days of inventory is not financially viable when amazon can turn inventory from receipt to consumer in 45. We would be pissing away money because we do not loose a buy box nor do we loose position as long as we have 1 unit available in the consumers region, and ads running.
We have had 90+ days of inventory available by accident when Amazon found a lost shipment from a previous year and there was no discernable change other than less items to ship in. Not saying you are wrong for your situation, but for many sellers, 90 days of inventory is a storage risk/fee a seller needs to consider for many factors like IPI and Q4 fees.

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Small beans here, but I’m always in a cycle of FBA saying SEND MORE and as soon as I do, I get REDUCE EXCESS INVENTORY. And - of course - their solution to that is a Sponsored Product ad. :roll_eyes:

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Every situation is different. I totally get it. The items I’m talking about are the few we have that sell hundreds of units a day in really competitive and saturated sub cats.

If I tossed a bunch of inventory at listings that sell 20-30 units a day (most of our assortment) it wouldn’t do anything. I’ve tried - lol.

70,000 units of ours take up 420 CF total. It’s a good problem to have. Size does matter :rofl:

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I guess this is a matter of testing the skus to determine if any metrics improve including rank

I will be trying this in the next 90 days full send now that storage limits have ¯\ヽ(´ー`)ノ/¯


Just be careful. You never know when Amazon will take it back. We plan on using no more than half our space. That’s all we need anyway to be in the position we want to be in.

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