FBA Major Slowness

We are experiencing severe slowdowns with just about everything FBA shipment related so just a heads up.

Shipment that was set up on 9-23 and picked up by Amazon logistics on 9-25 isn’t scheduled to be “dropped off” until this Sunday. Normally a process that happens in less than 24 hours.

LTL shipments created this week are not issuing BOL’s as usual. Getting the below message. Amazon is awaiting information from Amazon which means there’s no room in the inn.

Maybe FBM is better? :laughing: Just kidding and providing this info as a heads up as everyone tries to CRAM Q4 inventory in as requested by Amazon by 10-26-23. They can’t just let things happen naturally. They need to cause chaos.

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Probly because the prime day rush to send to FC is overwhelming entire logistics channels. To be expected. Same for BF and CM so just send everything well in advance and stay stocked for at least 60-70 days

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They want to make sure inventory’s sent by the 26th so it’s received by Nov 1st in time for them to cut capacity limits and fine people daily.

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Yup, we’re good but just wanted to send out the heads up to those who might be expecting what has been normal the last several months (even around Prime Day), which was fast fast fast, at least with us anyway.


Eh… That was my original expectation but IDK about that now. Our Dec # is quite high (much higher than Nov) and everything we need to get to Amazon to cover us through Mid Jan AND have a 6 week safety stock is already built into our lower Nov limit.

Could they change Nov? Maybe, but with the forecasted big increase for Dec that seems to be widespread and not isolated to what we have, I doubt it.

I’ve been wrong before on this subject and the first to admit it. Just hopeful with the space Amazon is known to have, that they won’t repeat the last couple years that hurt Amazon probably more than the sellers in a number of ways on the expense and loss side of things.

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This has also happened to us lately (we had never experienced it before). We’ve had a few shipments for which a BOL hasn’t even been generated, or a carrier assigned, almost 2 weeks after the freight-ready date. We might have to cancel those shipments (still have them), break them down, eat the cost of the shipping plan and just relabel them to go UPS. This poses a significant problem for us, since we have limited warehouse space and are used to move all incoming stock in 2-4 days. Unfortunately, UPS is not really a feasible option for some larger / heavier products, although we might have to resort to it if the situation doesn’t improve.

Ugh… I was afraid this was widespread.

SAS has confirmed that there’s a major backup since I authored this thread. No solution or timeline offered.

I don’t understand why Amazon continues to shoot themselves in the foot like this and thus screw it’s “PARTNERS :laughing:

There was no reason to continue to send that 10-26 email. There was no reason to jack up Oct / slash Nov / jack up Dec limits.

The way a good supply chain works is flow in and out. Now there’s a tsunami of inventory trying to flood in because whoever planned this is an idiot and doesn’t understand that sellers take what Amazon says about inventory seriously and they are dealing with a monster platform / network that is super-sensitive to VIOLENT swings like this.

They have learned NOTHING from the last 3 years obviously.

Quick update: since late September, none of the FBA LTL shipments that we’ve created with Send to Amazon have had a carrier assigned, or a BOL generated, even several days after the freight-ready date. I have no clue of what’s going on. I’ve created a case with Seller Support and written an email to the Inbound Team to see if the issue can be determined. In the meantime, we’re having to pay a lot more to ship certain products via SPD.

Is this happening to anyone else? I’m startled because we’ve never experienced this in all of our years of selling on Amazon.

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Think it depends on where you’re situated as well.

On my last LTL shipment going out this past Monday. I set up shipment plan on Friday. As usual amazon stretches the pickup date despite the set pick up ready date. Then I have to go back into the LTL shipment which is now split between 3 locations and change the pick up ready date to Monday.

The partnered carries is Estes. I call Estes the morning of, but they can’t confirm the pickup number until 11 am that day. I call near noon and they say amazon is still working on the pickup details. At 2pm the driver shows up and pick ups the pallets. The driver is sub-20 years old. If a sub-20 year old is driving a truck with a trailer and you can see how inexperienced he is, that’s telling.

In any case, shipment was picked up successfully. Last LTL shipment this past 2 weeks the partnered carrier missed the pick up date and picked up the following day.

so it’s a mix bag, between the new storage limits and unknowns there, partnered carriers not being able to meet their pick up schedules and new blood entering the work force - I see rough waters ahead.

West Coast here.

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No, we have not here. We made 4 LTL shipments yesterday and one this morning and all have carriers assigned moments after finalizing the shipment. Here is one I did minutes before reading your post.

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There are changes being made on the back end. The last 4 Amazon Freight LTL shipments have had BOL’s made hours after creation.

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Not here, LTL’s picked up daily they may be 3-5 days out but I have noticed a shift from AMZ logistics to TForce and Central lately which is nice.


Yeah, the same has happened to us with LTL shipments - we’d set the freight-ready date as the day when the shipment was created, then Amazon pushed it back, then we manually changed it to an earlier date. However, the problem we’re having now is that carriers aren’t even assigned to our shipments, and a few days after the freight-ready date, the Inbound Team informs us that “The transport request was not found for the ARN(s).”

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Where are you located? Our facility is 20 miles north of NYC.

There is a glitch - note I got below from SAS this AM. All of our LTL generated a BOL, couldn’t print but phantom pickup dates were also generated and missed.

I would contact [email protected] immediately. They fixed 2 of our 3 shipments. The other is having yet another issue with “No Transport Request Found”.

Waiting to hear back on that one. As far as SPD goes, created one on Friday that got split in 3 (for the new FBA rebate). We shipped that UPS on Monday. Yesterday, 2 of the 3 were checked in, the other was checked in today. So FBA is moving fast on check ins and receiving but LTL seems to be having a glitch for some.


YUP! The glitch…

I’ll let you know what happens with ours.

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I was searching my emails for this, you beat me to it! Contact them they are very helpful.


Very much appreciate the insight. I’ve contacted [email protected], but they replied with their usual template asking for name, address, telephone number and zip code :man_facepalming: I might have to try again with them.

That’s the first step with them these days.

Just provide it to start the process.


Just got our BOL for the last shipment that had the “No Transport Request”

This was taken care of by our SAS manager but I am hoping that staying in touch with AIT Shipper Support (that email address I gave you), will result in the same results ASAP for you.

They obviously know what the issue is and how to fix it at this point.

Good Luck!

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Final note on this issue from my end. This is what I got back from SAS. Hope the underlined part means that whatever caused this has been corrected for everyone.

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