Featured Offer Eligibility lost again

We sell books, Been selling on Amazon for over 20 years.
For some reason, that no one can explain, we keep losing the “Featured Offer Eligibility”. We lost it last weekend on Friday (it said NO on our Manage Inventory page) and it returned (said YES) on Monday.
Now, again, as of Friday, it is switched to “NO” again. Hopefully it goes back to “YES” on Monday, but there is no explanation for why this is happening.

And Seller Support is no help whatsoever, especially in regards to any Featured Offer questions, because Amazon acts like this subject is TOP SECRET, which is so frustrating and ridiculous.

I posted in the Amazon Forums and even tagged some Mods, but haven’t gotten any response at all.

Has anyone else noticed their “eligibility” going off and on randomly?


As a low volume seller I’m vulnerable there and have become good at figuring out why, but there’s no prevention.

My latest though wasn’t connected to any of the usual troubles, but was due to a pricing violation alert. Since I regularly delete all inactive, all those price alerts get deleted before too many days, but other than that I ignore them. Never lost eligibility due to that before though.


Thanks April.
I am also fairly low volume and I don’t have any pricing violations at the moment. It is just so frustrating because it just seems to arbitrarily get switched off and on. When I have the eligibility I sell about 10-12 a day, when it is off I sell about 1 in 3 days. It is killing me.

Several months ago we lost the eligibility for several weeks and it was a nightmare.


I can’t seem to edit my post. Just to clarify, I’ve lost the Featured Offer (Buy Box) eligibility on ALL of my listings. Not just certain ones.


@WGB, see this thread from @rms, just to know you’re not alone and (maybe) to get some ideas.

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