Fun with Wild Animals

This will be good for a laugh at my expense (what else is new).

For the last 4 days, we have had a robin pecking on all of our windows, essentially non-stop from 5AM-6PM. Literally sounds like someone is breaking in.

Just finished hot melt gluing foot tall X (width) of all our windows a piece of carboard to stop this ■■■■■■■■ so we can get some sleep around here. Now the house looks like it burned down but IDC! We need to sleep. My daughter had a college final today and the bird woke her up at 5AM and she couldn’t get back to sleep… You scare it away and it’s back 5 mins later or less.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

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So what you are trying to tell us is …

The early robin gets the Vites?

{{{ too soon??? :rofl:}}}

Nah, just unreal bad luck lately. Literally everything is a problem…

It’s not just us. They are hitting my next door neighbors house too and I guarantee that little b astard is going to be taking it up a notch tomorrow on their house.

From what we have read on google. This is a mating season thing for them with the reflections they see in the glass. I guess the birds are going for round 2 already? Not sure - I’ve seen egg shells around lately. Seems too soon to be getting busy so quickly.

Oh, I believe you. We had a crow once that I came to hate. No rapping on the windows though – crows can make plenty of noise without an instrument.

There is a wood pecker on our street (6 houses) and he finds the metal chimney caps, and, tap tap tap!

Sounds like a jack hammer

You can’t do that without a Federal and/or State permit. I kid you not, it’s a protected bird :man_facepalming:


Robins, Cardinals, Finches, Doves, And Other Protected Nesting Birds
You must obtain a state (if the bird is an endangered species) or federal permit to disturb protected birds. Thus, that robin nest on the ledge over your front door becomes problematic. Once a protected bird builds its nest on your property, federal law prohibits anyone from disturbing the bird or its nest, eggs or young. The best way to rid structures of bird nests is to prevent birds from nesting there in the first place, by watching for and deterring birds that attempt to build nests in the spring, and also by sealing, screening or otherwise blocking likely nesting spots on the structure’s exterior.

Illinois Department of Public Health - Bird Exclusion and Dispersal

He isn’t scaring the bird off an existing nest or doing anything to a nest, he is just trying to keep the bird from battling with the rival reflection in the window.


If they have or have had a nest (see eggshells) in the vicinity or property then it is a violation of law to harass them. Including any attempt to prevent them from banging their heads against his window. I’m not making this up, we have some really silly stuff just lying about in law books.

We share our very rural area with quite a variety of wildlife. This time of year the wild turkeys are everywhere. They enjoy banging on our basement door - it’s full length glass with embedded blinds. Fortunately, closing the blinds deters them. Now if we could figure out a way to convince the black bears to leave the bird feeders alone…

I’m watching the security footage from this morning. This bird must have some sort of brain disease. From 5:50AM - 7:00am this morning, all it did was fly into the windows over and over and over again. Full Force!

Love animals but if this continues, something will need to be done.

I think we are way off track, possibly we need a split. “Fun with Wild Animals”

We had a robin problem too. We just tapped back and went out to say high. It was on a lower level used as our studio, so it did not cause a sleep problem.

Many years ago we were approached by the company that makes and distributes the machines that crush pennies. They needed some help.

At the amusement parks and aquariums that had peacocks, they were pecking themselves to death on the machines. The bottom of the machine had a plastic mirror on it.

We came up with a way to mount graphics to the back of polycarbonate and it solved the problem.

We made thousands of those machines of the years. If you have put in two quarters and a penny and crushed it, it likely passed through our shop.


We have a small garden area that birds, squirrels, rabbits, etc. that like to visit and raid. After doing some research, we stumbled across a little solution that helped keep them at bay. There are statues of barn owls that can be bought and placed around the area. The critters stay away as they see the statue of the barn owl (a natural predator or many critters). All that we have to do is to move the statue around once every week or two. Not full proof but eliminates most.

So you might think about getting a couple of the barn owl statues …

or … ( and this would be our favorite for you ) …

You could get a barn owl costume and wander around your house a couple times a week (pictures posted to the forum of this would be a plus) or maybe camp out side the house a couple nights a week in the costume (again pictures posted to the forum would be awesome).


Or the ordinance in our town from the 1980’s, you can’t have sex with animals on the Town Common.

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Done! :penguin:


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Reminds us of the formula for a well keep yard.

  1. One anteater to take care of the fire ants.
  2. Two small goats to keep the lawn mowed.
  3. One great neighbor who comes by to pickup the animal poop (usually the neighbor who lives down wind).

Then who fertilizes your yard?

@ASV_Vites 's robins

It’s a single Robin and the nut job is back, smashing into the windows as we speak…

Flickers (in that same family) are notorious for that. They seem to relish the sport. Anything nice and noisy.


How about Halloween black cat window decorations?
Or bubble wrap outside - 1 pop with the beak will probably scare them off

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