Get a load of this....

I took this screenshot on 08/11

And this screenshot today

I submitted a case about the “missing units” that are really lost units and got the classic “When units are missing we automatically create an investigation” and I kept telling them that no, these were lost in a warehouse transfer and showed them the inventory ledger.

I lost the case. I’m so done. This happens all the time now. I’ve been screenshotting all my FBAs where all units are found and like a week later all of a sudden 100s are missing (I know in this case it was just 5, but still)

Did you copy and paste the text of the Inventory Ledger report into a case message, or did you send it as an attachment? In my experience, it seems like they never look at attachments, so you have to copy it into a message for them to see it.


I did both. They still went with the whole “investigation” canned reply.

Have you tried what @VTR suggested in this post?


That is the format I use and I copy/paste the inv ledger below that and attach a screenshot. They no longer care.

How do they get away with so much actual theft?

FBAers might want to start putting air tags into shipments, strategically.

Queue the suspension for “selling” Apple-branded items without a LOA. :rofl:

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You have NOT “lost”.
Don’t let Amazon make you think that they can lose stuff without reimbursement.

When I had this happen, I went to the case # in my case log, typed in “reimbursement overdue”, and clicked on “call me”. I then explained to the call center rep that I wanted this case sent to the TRANSFERS team, as the INBOUND team cannot seem to read an inventory ledger, and the inventory ledger is authoritative in these matters. She will take the case and get it away from the people who said “no”, and refuse to look at the inventory ledger.

Somewhere here, there is another thread where I work myself into a good rant/tizzy/lather, and note that Amazon lost a total of 1300 units spread over a dozen different shipments from April to August, sometimes losing entire cartons of 48 units each. While “reimbursement” has to be only temporary, as there is no way that anything leaves the high-security prison that is an Amazon FC, there is clearly something wrong with Amazon’s software, as they OFTEN will transfer between FCs, and declare that the items were never received by the destination FC, after all items were “received, scanned, counted, and confirmed at the initial receiving FC, and noted as such in the inventory ledger, with is authoritative” [copy and save this phrase for easy pasting, as you may need it more often than you think].

The experts who have toured Amazon FCs say that there is simply no way to steal stuff from an FC, and the process SHOULD BE to put each item on a conveyor, scan each barcode, and then put the items in “bins”, which places the items into that FC’s local inventory, but I’ve gotten some weird phrasing from Amazon’s, “coaching” team which tells me that this is not always the case for transfers. To make matters worse the “performance coaching” group may decide to falsely accuse YOU of “inaccurate quantity in box”, when it was THEM losing the inventory on transfer:

In reverse order, here is what THEY said, when directed to examine the inventory ledger, which I had attached to my replies:

“We greatly appreciate your response. Upon arrival to our Fulfillment Center, all packages are verified for unit count accuracy multiple times by several different associates. At this time, we have no reason to believe the receive history for Shipment ID FBA179N6LCSH to be inaccurate.”

“With this type of case, we are only able to determine the accuracy of the problem listing. There are many possible root causes for this problem listing. My determination is based on the fact that after multiple points of verification, we found that the units were not in your shipment as expected, so therefore the problem listing is valid.”

“Shipment FBA179N6LCSH has been investigated for “Inaccurate Item Quantity in Box” issues. During your shipment creation, units were assigned to specific boxes in order to help the receive process go smoothly. During our investigation, we found that 48 unit(s) of B07S3Q4PWP were not in the boxes they were assigned to be placed in. As such, these issues will be upheld on your shipment.”

Eventually, they say this:

“Thank you for your reply. We have investigated the following shipment FBA177DM7PWB for “Inaccurate Item Quantity in Box” and have found the unit(s) in question have been reimbursed. The problem has been removed from your shipment. You will see this change reflected in your Inbound Performance Report within 24 hours. You may view your reimbursement with the following link and entering…”