Glitch on Canadian AZ platform

I know there are only a few Canadian sellers here. Just wondering if anyone else has the glitch of every item having the “there are no sellers that can ship to your address” message. No matter what I look up, this is the message. Kind of hard for me to sell (or buy) anything that way. :frowning_face:

On US dot com marketplace, we see this on everything if we are signed into our seller account and looking at product pages on buyer side (Firefox browser). We can take the same ASIN and look at it on our personal account using Chrome browser and everything shows as buyable without that notice. Both accounts have addresses within a block of each other so it is not a location thing. We also have never set up the Amazon business account to buy anything and have never used the buyer side of the seller account to make purchases.

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Now it has switched the shipping address to Nashville, and will not allow me to change it to my own here in Canada. On the .ca platform.

The .com platform works fine with my aunt’s US address.

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@booknut7 any update? I’m trying to remember my SellersAskSellers avatar flags, to tag others who might sell on .ca, too. @DDS @boardgames4us @Canadianmag ??? :thinking:

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I don’t sell on .ca but buy frequently. This didn’t happen to me recently and hope that it was only a temporary glitch and will be resolved soon. Please keep us updated.

When I have to shop on .com, I use my sister’s address in MD, so no issues there. Didn’t try my Canadian address for some time though.


Still the same result on the .ca platform. I cannot buy anything, and am hoping others do not get the same results, as I will then also not sell anything. And it was out pacing .com sales by 2 to 1.

New twist, I now CAN buy from itself, just not any third party sellers.

Please report on Amazon down? Current status and problems | Downdetector (Canadian marketplace). Something might be going on, but Amazon won’t really care until it’s somehow public, and DD is good for that.

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Typical Amazon bot run deal. If you click on report an issue, you get three choices with no box to explain the issue. Shopping cart was the closest I could see to pick. Got me a big Thank You! message.

So then I click on Chat. Bots are lonely. So after telling the bot all about it, it connects me to a link where for $2.00 join fee and $66 per month, I can get further bot help. No thanks.

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Problem solved. Amazon kept switching the address to the pick up site in the mall near here. I have to change it every time I search apparently, but then the third parties do show up as available. So the Amazon issue seems to be with their latest "pick it up here " choices I guess.

:woman_facepalming::angry: Oh my gosh STOP PUTTING YOUR FINGERS IN OUR POTS AMAZON