Had an item attepted hijack, Seller support useless and can't get a mod to help


if anyone knows any mods I missed in tagging I would appreciate it.

This was one of my better selling items, now that the title is messed up sales have dropped

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we are here to support. We do not do investigations nor review them in your behalf.


Thank you for your report of a suspected policy violation. We cannot take action on the report as no violation has been identified on the reported B00BOZ1R3E for the violation type selected.


Did you send an email to community-help

As if other sellers can help you fix a Hijacked ASIN :woozy_face:

Yeah that chat was unbelievable. I am going to send you places that won’t help that Is how I will support you


I originally thought that the chat would be better than a case when it was reintroduced.

But as you can see they can’t really do anything other than saying try this or try that.

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Post the ASIN … the magic you want to happen needs to follow what we did in this post

A new seller is hijacking my private label product listing - help!

If you have a post on NSFE, post a link here and so we can follow up on it on NSFE. But we need the ASIN and, if you have a case number, you will need to post that in your NSFE post.

Review the link above … we often get results if we can line the ducks up for you and present it to the mods.


You have a mistake on the “Blue”


Our friend Lunatick actually linked it in the first post, but due to a quirk in Amazon’s coding it displays in cursive Arabic.

The NSFE discussion is here:

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/5eb781d1-ce1f-493b-b14b-6726bf53657b


Don’t even get me started on that, It’s a fix I have attempted for years. I want to know why they can’t just have the color in word form instead of images
If you have any suggestions I am open to it.

Thank you kindly. I was wondering how arabic printed out.

I made the featured threads now. Hopefully that might fix it.

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Well … in my mind they already have that.


All you should need to do is update the “Thumbnail” image.



What is your brand name? … the brand name that should be on the hijacked listing?

Also … need case number … the chat won’t allow a mod to follow up. {{{edit… never mind … top of the post}}

It should be SVP the hijack attempt was pathetic

Product details

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 3 Pounds

UNSPSC Code : 25170000 (Transportation components and systems) Report an incorrect code

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 14, 2010

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ SVP

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00BOZ1R3E

They didn’t even change the product details only the brand and the title


been there done that, catalog team won’t push the changes.

They are so pigheaded on things like that. I was selling a red item that got orphaned from the parent. the image showed orange. Had a customer order red thinking it was orange.

Opened a case explained the obvious, “I am sorry but you are not authorized to make changes to the ASIN”

But it’s misleading and confuses customers

“I understand your frustration but I am sorry but you are not authorized to make changes to the ASIN”

Just to be sure … the Manufacturer name is the brand name …
Are you the Manufacturer / Brand Name owner?

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and I am not the brand owner

They used to be Safety Vehicle Products for their Fire/EMS/PD line and then they merged it all under Star headlights. As you can see I made the listing 13 years ago.


Yepper, I saw the creation date in the chat log you posted over in the NSFE.

In keeping with the standard degree of excellence (/sarc) from first-echelon Seller Support personnel, I noticed that Joannes/John/Meyer (how `bout YOU make up your damn mind on what name you’re gonna use, daemon, and stick to it), in acknowledging what was showing in Amazon’s systems from his/her/its help desk console, pegged 2010 as ‘…almost nine years ago…’:

Par for the course.

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Nothing in USPTO for this

Nothing in USPTO for this

Several in USPTO for this but couldn’t drill down to the specific one

The product now is owned by a company called Grote which is in USPTO.

The hijacker AOLDHYY is also in USPTO but the class of goods does not cover this product.

We have already found 4 other items which we can clearly show as being hijacked by them. We are just making sure on your product since you are not the brand owner. Hopefully you have a LOA and Grote doesn’t have an issue with you being in control of the Amazon listing.

OK … give us a few and we will do one of our “hijack listing” posts to your original thread.

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Thank you

Try Star Headlights.


Ok … @Thelunatick can use everyone’s help. Please go to the following link on NSFE (if you are on board) and click like on this post.

Hijacked Listing Response to push to the NSFE top and gain some visual for our friend


We did and no USPTO results …

We do basic word search and sometimes companies use an image of the word which doesn’t show up.

But we think we got enough ammo to help you in the post we did.


Thank you

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