How is MakerPlace Doing?

I wish mine did that - it seems like every state is different.

In Texas we have to report Total Texas Sales and Total Taxable Texas Sales as separate numbers.


Yes we are, thanks be to God. Our state, “Live Free or Die” has no sales tax at all.

Though that comes with problems. We did have a “discussion” with a CA government office that insisted on paying us taxes. I tried, until I was blue in the face to tell them, we have no way to pay our state the tax you provide to us. We have no tax.

In the end they added tax to the order.

Fact is stranger than fiction.


To be fair, it could be more-cumbersome than that, as our friends domiciled in Illinois (among certain others of the late, great Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis’ terminology “Laboratories of Democracy”) can readily attest…

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I browsed their site to see what I needed … and not that much. The craft-related items I could use — a mannequin bust with pierced ears; a larger professional light tent; professional photo lighting; a better matte cutter — are not on Michaels. However, I need two picture frames :wink:

Not that I expect to win, but I was just preparing :grin: I’ll be adding 10+ new items regardless.


I was getting 2-3 orders a day mostly all the same stuff so it was obviously coming off a FB ad the was carouseling the same items over and over. It slowed to 1 order a day and I no longer noticed the FB ads as much. About a week ago, I started getting 5-6 per days and for all different stuff. I did some google searches and found Michael’s is hitting Google sponsored ads pretty hard. Thanks Michael’s!


That is really great to hear! I have had a [very modest] increase in orders the past few days. I haven’t seen any ads with any of my stuff, but maybe it’s floating out there somewhere…hope it continues for a bit!


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Starting to get a LOT of spam messages…“I want to buy 5 contact me at abc email so we can discuss payment blah blah blah” I think it’s time for Michael’s to code a block for email addresses in messages, at the least.


Finally got 2 orders a few days apart, after being on the platform since last fall. Pretty sure it was because of that Spend $x get $15 rewards. That promo is done now.


I’ve asked for this several times on their FB page. In the past 4 days, I’ve gotten 8 emails from “Mrs.Mary”, although the last 3 back-to-back messages were from “Mrs. Janet” but with “Mary’s” email. It’s really annoying. Makes me wish I was a world-class hacker to send a virus to Mary’s computer and blow it up.


Same…“Mrs. Janet and Mrs. Mary”. Yesterday I sent 5 “report message”


I wonder if those people somehow able to tell which sellers are getting sales on MP, then target those sellers with the messages?

Knock on woods I haven’t received any message (probably just cursed myself now), but I haven’t had any sales later either.