How should I deal with this buyer who threaten to report me?

Hi fellow sellers. I have an angry buyer who didn’t received the FBA item. He talked to Amazon and they gave him a run around. So, he messaged me through message seller yesterday. I politely replied to him explaining that the item is FBA which means Amazon handles the shipping and I’m only a supplier. I even dug around his order number and found out that Amazon didn’t receive the payment. I let him know the info. Next day, he sent me the screenshot below and seemed to be even more angry:

Here’s his message to me:

Hello, this is Brian again. I contacted Amazon and they told me that the money has already been taken out to pay for this breadbox yet I have not got it yet. Are you guys trying to play games because they said I was supposed to get it by now and I’ve already have a tracking number but yet it says they won’t charge until they charge my card, but you have not sent my bread box to me yet. here is a screenshot of it showing that it hasn’t shipped. I contacted Amazon and I spoke to them and they indeed took out the money for the bread box. So why haven’t I got it yet? What you guys trying to play. If this doesn’t get resolved, I am going to report you because you’re not fulfilling the requirement of me making the purchase. You took my money, but yet I have not received my product when I was supposed to receive it four days ago. Make this right or I will not be pleasant the next time and will report you . I have been more than patient with us Amazon and you guys are messing with me and playing games and I’m not appreciating it. And I will let everybody know this in the review if I don’t get my product ASAP. Here is a screenshot, showing that it has not been delivered yet. They took my money ASAP

:face_exhaling: I’ve never had any customers threaten to report me. What’s the worst case? A to Z claim??? Frankly I think he is now focusing on me because he could. He cannot focus to any Amazon rep because he always talk to a new person every time he calls… I already explained to him in my first reply that I didn’t warehouse, didn’t ship, and never have control over Amazon. Frankly I thinking continuing to please him doesn’t work. What would you guys do? Please advise. Thank you.


Report the message. There should be no problems for you, but reporting is the best thing to do.

But next time, tell the customer that only Amazon can help them; don’t follow up with additional info. Let Amazon deal with it.


Thanks. I didn’t know that we (as sellers) could report buyers. Which ground should I use for reporting him? He didn’t use any cuss words.


Below his message:


If he leaves bad feedback you can get it struck through because it was fulfilled by Amazon.

If he can even file an A-Z that would be on Amazon also because the delivery was their responsibility.


Thank you for showing the screenshot button. Glad to know that A-Z claim would be on Amazon. Is A-Z the worst case scenario?

I hope he would leave a bad feedback (which is removable) and not a bad review.


You can report the review for removal if he complains about the delivery

There is a Report link below each review that opens to this:

I would choose Off topic Not about the product or Other

The bot will then check it against these Community Guideline items:


Thank you


Just FYI, when Amazon shows “Awaiting payment verification” on the FBA side that’s really bogus. I have found that the order is actually shipped and you don’t see it released until it’s out for delivery or many times has already been delivered. I was able to determine this by going back after it was delivered and tracking the package myself and indeed, it had been shipped the same day it was ordered, BUT it showed “Awaiting payment verification” until the day it was delivered.



Ok, I ended up reporting his message for the reason “The buyer is trying to harass or intimidate me”, then I clicked “No response needed” to stop the clock.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he sends more nastier messages to me.


TBH I would just hit no response needed here and that’s it. I wouldn’t say this is harassment, they’re just venting to the wrong person. They have every right to report the issue (which is with FBA) to Amazon and Amazon should’ve taken care of the issue, but didn’t.

They should also have the ability to cancel the order (if you want to suggest that to them) and they should get a refund. Almost all FBA orders can be cancelled unless they’re out for delivery already.


Agree. Instead of getting upset at Amazon, he’s threatening me even after I told him that Amazon handled the shipping. The idea of suggesting him to cancel the order did crossed my mind but I decided not to continue the conversation. Helping him further would make him that I’m responsible for this problem. :face_exhaling:


Not engaging further is probably best here.

In the future I would not report a message like this though. There’s no TOS violation here on his end which means the report is false. Being angry at inadequate customer service isn’t a policy violation.

Threatening to bomb your warehouse in retaliation would be a threat/harassment. Threatening to leave a negative review unless you give them money would be a threat/extortion. Threatening to leave a negative review because of actually receiving poor customer service (even if that service is Amazon’s fault) would be a legitimate negative review based on something that actually happened. This situation is 100% on Amazon for having a delayed shipment and then failing to provide adequate customer service to resolve it.

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I’ve had customers do similar to this in the past. I learned to just tell the customer that the order is being shipped by Amazon, we have no control over the payment or shipping process and they need to contact Amazon customer support about any payment or shipping issues (which is absolutely the truth). Be polite and friendly, but you pay those FBA fees for Amazon to handle these issues.

If it’s a product related issue, then it’s different. That’s on me and I absolutely have to take care of the customer.

Good Luck,



Thanks for your reply. Too bad I already reported his message. So, threatening to report me is not intimidating?

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You’re right. That’s the exact same thing I do to many customers. All understood. He is just the first one that threatening to report me. A total turn off to be honest.

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They’re threatening to report you over a legitimate grievance, not to harass you. They got the responsible party wrong, but their grievance is 100% legit.

FWIW, if FBA has a screwup and a buyer contacts me about it I usually just give a courtesy refund because this is a VERY rare (< 1 in 10000 orders) occurrence, and I’d rather not deal with any potential problems to the ASIN if they’re left angry and continue dealing with Amazon CS who might handle it in a way that dings the ASIN.

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Let the buyer report you. Amazon didn’t give him the run around. They told him exactly what the issue was, and the buyer ignored it or heard what they wanted to hear.

You have ZERO control over this order as it’s FBA.

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Oh they definitely gave him the run around. Amazon says they don’t charge your card until they ship the item, but in this case they charged the buyer when they were ready to ship, then found out the item they wanted to pick was missing, so they delayed the shipment until they find another item in another location or warehouse. So the buyer was charged, item not shipped yet, which is a pretty petty thing to complain about, but they’re not wrong here.

Some people are so poor that they’re constantly at their credit limit so they actually get bothered by things like this.

But still, Amazon’s not following their written policy, and the customer demanded to know why they’re not following that policy, and incompetent CS didn’t give an acceptable answer


These are threats. Not to life and limb, and maybe justified, but still threats.

Amazon needs to know how this buyer is reacting to their service & customer service; and how the lack of transparency about 3rd party sellers not being responsible for FBA performance amplifies buyer angst.
Reporting the message is the only way they’ll ever see it unless a future claim brings it to light. And now they have record you tried to help ‘their’ FBA customer, in case there are more problems to come from this order.


The way I look at it is, if you report them and they deem you reported a buyer falsely, that has a higher likelihood of something negative happening, than the likelihood of getting any tangible benefit from making the report.

Everything you do on Amazon should have a risk/reward analysis. Though the risk is low, there is some risk here, and I don’t see any real reward from it. If they escalate the delivery issue that is ultimately going to fall on FBA. This isn’t an FBM order where you may need to build a case to fight an A-Z later. If you get negative feedback, that gets struck out, if you get a negative review, whether or not it gets removed isn’t impacted by that buyer message or how it’s handled.

Trying to “clean up the system” is fruitless as an individual seller.

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