How to verify bank account when statement does not show the account number?


I don’t know if anyone has this problem. I’m trying to verify the bank account. Amazon requires the bank statement to be uploaded. The document has to check off the 4 requirements shown in the “Confirm Requirements” below:

I just downloaded my bank statement. It does not show the account numbers on the statement. The account number is shown only in online banking page and we cannot use the screenshot due to the requirement #4. :frowning: Anyone has this problem? How to deal with this? Please advise.

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Update. I just called my bank. They offered to issue a letter of account ownership that has both my name and account number. Hopefully that works.


The account number should be present on the statement. Seriously, it is a legal requirement.

(b) Periodic statements. For an account to or from which electronic fund transfers can be made, a financial institution shall send a periodic statement for each monthly cycle in which an electronic fund transfer has occurred; and shall send a periodic statement at least quarterly if no transfer has occurred. The statement shall set forth the following information, as applicable:
(2) Account number. The number of the account.
12 CFR § 1005.9(b)(2).

I’d advise phoning your bank manager first thing in the morning.


Thanks for citing the regulation. I was wondering the same thing because my other bank statements all have account number in their statements. This one only has a member number (credit union) and they use the funny internal numbers to identify each sub-account. The internal numbers are on the statement but not the actual account number :expressionless: Since they offer to send me a letter of account ownership that has all info that Amazon wants, I’ll try that one and will report back here.

We have seen reports that this works … if you create the PDF with the bank letter first followed by the bank statement.


Thank you for the tip (bank letter + bank statement). I hope it won’t confuse them because the bank statement is a combination of all 6 sub-accounts. So it’s about 10 pages. Add the bank letter at the front would total to be 11 pages.

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I would use a credit card statement.

This is a security issue using a bank statement. We were given a choice between credit card and bank statement.

For Legal Entity verification, credit card or bank statement works.
For Deposit Method verification, bank statement is what works.


Weird we were not asked for this.

This was the initial confusion - this is after the identity verification which also ask for a bank statement or credit card statement to verify personal info

However, after this, it would seem is the bank deposit account verification which verifies all the info of the deposit account and you being the account holder.


Credit Unions are allowed to truncate the account number.

Thanks for sharing. I was not given an option to use credit card statement. Did you use the credit card statement to verify deposit address during this re-verification that everyone is facing? Or did you do it before?

Since they already have the letter of account ownership process, it shows that I’m not the first one who needs to show my name and account number on the same paper :slight_smile: I just hope that Amazon would accept the letter (and not being so strict that the info must be on a statement).

Credit card statement could be used when verifying Legal Entity.

Your original thread post is for verifying your Deposit Method. You can not use a credit card to verify the Deposit Method. This has to be the bank statement for the bank where the Amazon deposits are going into.

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Do you mean that Amazon would come back and more about credit card statement? I just completed the Identity verification by sending a copy of my driver’s license and a bank statement that showed my home address to match with the address on the driver’s license.

Then you should be ok. I meant after for bank deposit verification - they won’t ask for a credit card statement; since both a bank verification of sorts - it does lead to some confusion as to which stage the seller verification is at when referring to bank statements verfication.

Does anyone know if there is someone we can call to walk them through how to read a bank statement?

For example. When I enter my baking details on amazon’s website its ABCDEFGH01 or ABCDEFGH02 (I’m trying two different accounts at this point)

But the Statement breaks it down sub accounts as my account number is ABCDEFGH
And then 01 for savings
and 02 for checking.

So I keep getting this accounts don’t match. Its infuriating. I’m not sure if getting a letter from my bank is going to work because my bank is going to be like account is ABCDEFGH

And you can’t go to the sub account and just print the statement? In either case, you might need to open a case.

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We’re also not sure if Amazon will accept our Bank verification even though they have been sending money bi-weekly for 10 years without issue.

The bank was originally Community National.
Then bought out by Bridgehampton Bank
Which was then bought out by DIME.

So Amazon still shows “Community National” on the deposit method screen but all the statements say DIME. Doesn’t seem to be a way to edit the name without deleting and re-adding…which doesn’t sound fun.

It would be the only way … but we would add first and get it verified before deleting original.