I used an Ebay Feature I Hadn't Used in Years.

I blocked a buyer who offered me 50% of the listed price on an item which did not have Make an Offer, who then asked how low I would go.

It felt good. Have not had a total a*hole buyer on Ebay for a long time.

He wanted quick delivery too, on an item with a 5 day handling time. He would have gotten it since I have been shipping the same or next day, but I really do not want his business.

I had a similar item which also drew cheapskates until it sold at the asking price, but these cheapskates were respectful.


I had one buyer badgering me on an ebay listing (personal sale stuff), so I blocked him. He then had a friend message me to “unblock him”. No thanks.


I envy you. My biggest fear is that our blocked buyer list will hit the current limit.

I’ve got over 20 years of blocked buyers. This made 101. I don’t know if Ebay culls the list or not.


I have to block 1 person a day just because they ask the “what is the exact weight and dimensions” question. Which means they are trying to forward out of the country. I do deal with that mess.

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I’ve only blocked two.

One of them kept hounding me to leave them feedback, my pet peeve over there.

Is there any meaningful purpose to buyers having feedback? Back in the auction days, it might have mattered, back when people bid on stuff but took forever to send the payment, but does that still apply?

You can’t even leave a negative feedback anymore, can you?


No. Only positive. And can’t edit it or comment it.

I honestly give them the feedback as soon as I ship, and if there’s ever a complain I add them to the list, don’t even worry about it.

I’ve been able to remove all the bad feedback they have left me but 2 (IIRC) and I have never checked the feedback of a buyer. None of my items is set for bids.

When I do get somebody asking for bids I usually tell them to get so many and I’ll give them then the discount. Keeping it equivalent with the quantity discounts that I already offer. Most people don’t even realize that they’re agreeing to what’s already offered.


You can leave negative as a buyer still, but ebay makes it very hard. (In a good way as a seller). Can’t do it before delivery or 7 days post expected delivery date and I think they try to get you to contact first.

You can leave negative as a buyer still

Which makes sense, but can you leave a negative as a seller? It always bugs me when buyers say - please leave feedback for me!!

I’m like - why?? No one will ever look at it, and if they do, it won’t mean anything anyway because the only rating allowed is positive.

I don’t understand why some buyers think it’s so important, which is what I was getting at.

Is there any actual benefit to it for them?


Nope, as a seller only positive


Nope, as a seller only positive

So there’s no point to it for a buyer then? At all? Right? Right?? RIGHT?? (Are you listening, eBay buyers… ??? :laughing:)

If it’s pointless, why not have eBay simply automate it and give every registered member 20 random positive feedbacks every month? Keep them happy and off my back. :laughing:


Every once in a while we still get the “hey buddy, I have 100% positive feedback”. Yeah you and everybody else.


It might encourage them to leave the sellers more feedback then we get here, since they want them too. And to keep it nice when they do (unless not nice is deserved).

I got 13 feedbacks there in the past month vs 4 on Amazon, and eBay sales are a small fraction compared to Amazon sales.

I don’t solicit feedback in any way on either.

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35 - 50% of my Ebay orders get FB, it would be higher but they do not count the buyers who placed multiple recent orders who leave more than one FB.

I have some very clever buyers who leave FB designed for the item they bought,

Like this one for a theatre handbill

A HIT from this SMASH seller! A+!

Repeat buyer who always comes up with a different blurb from a newspaper style ad.


I would have marked it up, then offered 10% more than my previous price.

But that’s just me… :wink:

It is going to sell. The price is just right for a collector with the money, and there are no easy way to see comparables.

I am not going to let a cheap idiot affect my pricing in any direction. I have done exactly what you suggested in the past, and it just slowed the sales process down.

The item is a weird Babe Ruth related item which most collectors will pass on, most idiots will undervalue and the addicted collector will pay my price for because they are unlikely to find anything like it.

It is really a vaudeville collectible with a Babe tie in, and worth about 20% more than without the Babe. Not a gold mine but a nice nugget.


I’ve never used this before today. Not that the buyer would try and buy from me again but just the ability to do so was so satisfying. Please Amazon!


This one annoyed the heck out of me; telling me I should have already done it. :nut_and_bolt: 🇾 :o: :ophiuchus:


There seems to be an uptick of annoying buyers on eBay lately. So glad we have the ability to block.

I wonder if they see your listing but just can’t purchase it or if it doesn’t show at all. :thinking:

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