I'm noticing the addresses are sticking around longer

Amazon made the charge of removing the address right after tracking showed delivered.

They failed to tell us this was coming. :woozy_face:

But I have recently seen that the FULL addresses are still there a few days later.

I haven’t done any full research to see how long they stay yet.

Anyone else notice this or do you think it’s just a temporary glitch?

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See if you can, save a PDF of the shipping label to retain the address.

Amazon has been removing the address from the order page after delivery and/or after delivery and the last day of expected delivery has passed. This has been going on for some time now.

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Yes I know.
That’s why I’m finding strange that I have come across a few orders, while answering customer messages, that their full address is still there.

And we import orders into another system and use order reports, so getting the full address is not an issue. but it does save time if I can click on the order and still see it.

Again, it’s not all but at least 5 today, so it’s kinda random, probably just a glitch

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The ONE MAJOR advantage in using a 3rd party service like shipstation.

Since I send out a ton of USPS packages, when they are returned (Free of Charge, and with no penalty for a bad address from Fedex/UPS), I can contact the customer and copy/paste the address to ask if the address as entered is correct and how I can re-send.

As well, I would guess that some Seller use those addresses (yes against rules) for bulk mailing of there catalog or deals.


Many of our Email Templates include:
We shipped the order to the address provided:

Sucks when I need to go somewhere else to gather the street.

Today I was like oh ■■■■ a full address :star_struck: TIME SAVER!


This is already part of our wider business process, and I personally argue that the ASBA customer data prohibitions allow for this usage and/or can not prohibit saving detailed records of our business shipping expenses.

Some Sellers also duplicate all shipping data including tracking numbers into their own proprietary spreadsheet.

As long as customer data is used solely for order fulfillment and business expense tracking, is protected as PII by all available methods, and is not used for any advertising/marketing or demographic data collection, then my personal belief is that we are within our rights to retain it.

@Sundance thanks for the heads up! Was this a business/invoiced order, by any chance?

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My orders dated September 18 and later have the full address (i.e., one month from order date)

My orders dated September 17 and before have the truncated address.

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Mine use to be that way - one month.

But clicking a few dozen orders, they disappear after the end of the delivery date window.

That’s been the desired behavior (from Amazon’s perspective) ever since the PII Initiative brooked dawn some years back in response to regulatory pressures both foreign and domestic.

The current (I’ve just re-verified that it’s still occurring for an account, early AM 19Oct`23, as it apparently has been for about a week now) variance in the displays of previously long-veiled PII, in various Seller Central Dashboard instances for which we’ve most-recently archived screenshots & trace logs in that limited time period, would seem to me suggestive of yet another Amaglitch choking the pipeline.