IMPORTANT: Check your emails


You are currently shipping a majority of your customer orders within one day from when the order is placed. However, the current handling time selection shows that it will take you longer to ship customer orders, which can affect your sales.

Starting April 4, 2023, customers will be informed about the estimated handling time and your selling account will be updated to one-day default handling time, automatically.

Note: No action is required from you and this change will only affect your default handling time. Your current ASIN-specific handling time configurations will not be affected by this change and will continue to override the account-level handling time for those ASINs.

What switching to one-day default handling time means for customers:

Customers will now see a shorter and more accurate delivery time when shopping on Amazon. This will give your products and offers a good visibility and increase the chances of customers selecting your offer.

What this means for your business:

You must ship your products within one business day from when your customer places an order to avoid late shipments.

If you’re concerned about this update:

  1. You can opt-out by providing your details before April 4, 2023 in the survey:

This is very sneaky. The only way to stop them from changing your handling time is to opt out by answering their survey…and the survey has a deadline!

(If we miss the email, we can change it in shipping settings later, but how many people are going to wake up one day to find they are late on everything?)


May I move this out of Handmade, for all Sellers? This is a big deal and an excellent warning!


That statement seems to indicate ASIN level handling time (production time) won’t be changed by this automatic update.

Did you input the production time for each ASIN? I remember you mentioned about wanting to put “0” there, but if you have “2 day (or more)” as “Production time” for each ASIN, then you don’t have to worry about those sneaky handling time updates (If we can believe the above statement).

BTW, I didn’t receive this email.

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I removed all the values for certain ASINs because I wanted to control all of them with the default handling time, in case I wanted to extend it automatically for everything for some reason.

Sure. I just posted here because I set my browser to automatically take me here.


Thanks and done, @Amazon_Seller !


I received this one myself. I didn’t get the last round. Seems like they are taking us in batches.

And gee, to opt-out, I have to go to a non-Amazon link, accessible only by clicking a link in an e-mail??? Um, does ANYONE at Amazon understand basic internet safety measures?

It’s absurd.


Amazon has been doing this sporadically for months now.

If you set the handling time on your SKUs, it should override these changes to your default handling. (This is what I do.)

Otherwise you have to wait until the change your handing them, then try to set it back as quickly as possible.

Another idiotic decision by people who have never run an ecommerce store.


I got this too, and you have to go to a Qualcomm (?) survey to enter your Merchant Token. I don’t trust it for one second so will definitely check the day of. I have most of my ASIN-level handling set to 2 days, but I know I’ve missed some.

The best part was the questionnaire asking you primary reason for not wanting it changed. I chose ‘Better to under promise and over deliver,’ but one of the options was ‘I don’t like Amazon making this choice for me’ lol


Once again, Amazon has decided to place its priorities, buyer perception of fast delivery above a seller’s priorities.

Sellers clearly made use relatively recent default handling time settings and the Amazon marketeers obviously believe that has led to lackluster sales, since the economy, and oversupply of offers has no effect on sales.

Those we set their ASIN specific handling times before the default was created, were probably correct in continuing to use ASIN specific handling time.

Remember, the only participant in the Amazon sales process who cares about your business is YOU. Never assume any new Amazon feature can be relied on to benefit you unless you are constantly aware of any changes in how Amazon uses it.


How long though until Amazon does away with the workarounds? They weren’t too thrilled when we avoided NSFE doxxing at first. This can’t be much different.


I have seen multiple threads related to sellers being hit with Late Shipping and have no idea why.

Late shipping rate

Amazon claims I am late

Late shipping Rate over 10%

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Yep, when you “reward” based on the mean, but punish based on the second deviation, that’s the type of stuff that happens.
I find it odd that when this first started, they published the numbers for which they would bump your handling time to one day; if you hit your metrics right, you could get dinged for late shipping, and STILL have your handling time decreased because “you’re doing a great job”.


All of my listings should have 2 day entered into production time but to double check, I downloaded a Category listing report (all) to quickly double check all, and the production time is the only field I can see that does not propagate to that report. :angry: Does anyone know what report might yield production time?

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The correct way to interpret these types of messages is -

Starting April 4, 2023…we will do something to screw with your account. Be sure to check your account settings on April 4 so you can undo whatever ‘helpful’ thing we did.

But there may be more to this story.


WTF is THIS about Amazon?? :scream: You will automatically set SKU-LEVEL handling times for us???

Thanks to your post, I took at look at the General Shipping Settings tab and discovered this new Automated handling time nonsense that claims it will ‘adjust’ (ie override) your -

:warning: SKU-level handling times :warning:

as well as your default handling time.

Thankfully, this new, unwanted automation has a simple toggle switch to let you turn it off.

But you should definitely check to see if Amazon enables it for you on or about April 4.

And perhaps you could also post a warning over in handmade to alert your fellow handmade sellers that Amazon has given themselves permission to override your SKU-level processing times now and be sure they monitor this new ‘feature’ to keep it disabled.

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Oh ■■■■ that.
If ever a switch needed to be flipped to off.
Who comes up with these things? Obviously nobody who has ever tried to sell on Amazon. The SKU level handling times are some of the most important and specific settings for many stores. Overriding some fields are annoying, but this is insane.


yup, same. Seen this the first time many months ago and it scared the whatchubies out of me…until I realized that I don’t list anything with the “default” handling time…

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Seen this the first time many months ago and it scared the whatchubies out of me…until I realized that I don’t list anything with the “default” handling time…

Did you read the whole thread to see that they are now overriding your product-specific handling times too?

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You would think that this would be an important announcement to post in the forum.


ATTN Sellers!
We reserve the right to arbitrarily change your handling times at will to force you to ship same day!

Doesn’t really sound like Amazon.

Amazon would sound more like:

Thank you for opening this case with us. Amazon requires that you ship all orders by the date promised when the order is placed. As you have failed to do so, your account will remain suspended and your funds will be held for up to 90 days. Go suck it.