Issue with Manage Inventory’s “Variation Tab”

First off … I’m seeing some issue with the built in Manage Inventory’s “Variation Tab” on an item.

I always create using XML file uploads. It gives way more control.

In this instance I created the parent, but couldn’t add the children because of the new required fields for different categories. (I have a case with MWS support over an error wanting “Mattress/Color” for a coffee mug. UGH!)

I decided to use SC.

Example, and this is weird:

  • I took a 9 oz cup child to add variants and to create the family
  • I added the 12oz and 16oz
  • The 9oz is then converted into the parent
  • The 12oz and 16 oz are added as children of the 9oz AND TO MY ORIGINAL PARENT (yes they are under 2 parents at the same time … should not be possible!)

To me the Variation Wizard is flawed. I would be very careful!

You would delete the parent only. This would allow them to be added to a different parent.


There are issues across the board with attributes that have nothing to do with the item. The attribute BOT has become all inclusive. Hopefully, everyone is using the “This does not apply” button in the Manage Inventory Edit page (when possilbe) to help re-train this behavior.

@Image … well two of us went off the deep end with Amazon references …


Why not, All Amazon All the Time. :upside_down_face:

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

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Hi @oneida_books! As @Image said, the original OP was about MakerPlace by Michaels, but your insight on variations and this case specifically warranted its own topic.

If you’re having “an issue,” then it’s a real problem for the rest of us! :sweat: Please update when you can.

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