legal entity changed

just noticed my legal entity was changed to my state name.
is this another amazon screwup going around?

Yes, part of the re-verification snafu


Funny you say that, I am now getting orders through our customer Amazon account to “NH” and our post office box. It is so odd. No company name, no personal name, Just NH, our PO Box number, Our Town, Our State, Our Zip Code.

any fixes working? i don’t wanna change it back and have it turn worse.

You know WE are going to get spanked for this.

It was bad enough that the verification came in after hours on a Friday. We followed through the next week, clearly we messed things up. As we all know Amazon never makes any errors.

ETA Yes, we are going to get screwed.

Legal business name


In that field, rather than our Corporation name for the last 33 years.

:person_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming: Shoot me, just shoot me this is going to be a big pile of :poop:

i verified my bank account in 2 days. even used a downloaded PDF and it worked. guess this is my punishment for that.
working on insurance and needed to make sure the name matches.
can i just change it or do i need to go thru a case?

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I downloaded the PDF, printed it, shot a picture of the first page. Was not thrilled to send that off to Amazon, with the data that was on it. Especially with the breaches they have had in China.

However, Our corporation name was clear on the bank statement. It did not match “NH” as our legal entity.

I guess you could open up a case, and then leave a message in the NSFE, give them the case number and ask for help.

Us, we will not, can not onboard so not an option for us.


just made my first post there. hadn’t planned on it but i need to get this straightened quick. i’ll post what is said there for a laugh.

If you do not have a post card coming for Business Address verification, go to Account Info > Business Address and Phone Number and update the info on this page. Also go into Official Registered Address and make sure it is your Business Name and Business address. We had ours change out to all personal info including cell phone. We changed it back to the Business Name, Business Address and Business phone. The Business Address will then be able to verify with the business info.

If you have a post card on the way, then wait until you get the post card and verify the address it was sent to. Then follow the steps above to change the Business Address and Phone Number. It will/may trigger another verification with a post card. But that is no big deal as you will have been through that process once already.

All we are waiting for is the post card to verify the Business Address (which is on it’s way). Everything else has a green check for us.

Yes … but it does require you to fix it or live with it.


i’ll try changing it in the AM. no need to quit the day on a neg.


like i expected, my insurance form was denied because business name did not match what was listed.
anyone got a list of mods to tag on NSFE?
the denial had a case number so i’m gonna try the “mod tag” method first.

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It seems like they keep rotating out … but here are a few …

These three use to respond and help but haven’t seen a lot lately …
@KJ_Amazon @Gary_Amazon @Xander_Amazon

This group seems active but have also posted some cut and paste answers although they have looked into things that are within their own realm of influence.
@Sandy_Amazon @Cooper_Amazon @Danika_Amazon @Dougal_Amazon @Steve_Amazon @Cooper_Amazon