Lets buy a house


Wonder how A-Z’s are handled on a $20k purchase!

Watch out for the huge gaps at the top of the wall (video from inside)


Item Not Received…

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"Furthermore, its portability allows you to move it whenever and wherever you desire. "

Weight (lb): 5842 pounds

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Sure, but unlike a “mobile home” which cannot be moved without damaging or destroying it, this could actually be moved. The listing never says moving it is easy…

Looks like you have to recaulk after every unfolding.

Title says there’s a restroom but where? :grimacing:

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Yeah I want to see the folding toilet!!


Porta potty and/or out house are optional?

In West Texas with the West Texas winds, we call these tumble boxes after their cousin tumble weeds … you never know when one it going to end up in your yard …

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Full review


Yeah first wind and that thing is folding back on itself!

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NOTE: This article is talking about adults ages 18 to 43.1

Welp, now I kinda feel like an entitled ■■■■■■■■ for laughing about it… :sweat: Caulking the whole thing like a gingerbread house but having your own paid-for home is definitely better than many many alternatives.


From https://www.beresfordresearch.com/age-range-by-generation/:

Oh I agree, BUT there are no instructions so how would a new homeowner know that?

How would a new homeowner get a permit to plop said structure down since the listing barely shows interior photos?

How would one get utilities to said structure? There is no way it uses standard American measurements for pipe sizes or locations. You need to know that.

There is also zero chance the unit is properly wired to US electrical code (Including outlets every 8 feet) proper light switches, junction boxes, etc.

There is zero chance this thing has ANY INSULATION, and it also has no heat or cooling sources.

I do not mock a tiny house, I think they are cool! In this case, it’s $30k for a BOX. Your going to need $10-20k worth of site prep work (assuming there are utilities available) plus another $10-20k to get it operational. And these are just rough guesses.


Maybe you don’t need those in the OC? :sweat_smile:

He’s hoping to land adequate property near California’s glamorous Orange County for less than $40,000. Bryant is, too, in talks with local housing authorities to obtain the necessary permits for the investment property.

Boomers I
Boomers II

We didn’t sign up to be a Junior … we don’t want to be a Junior … and we’re definitely not a Jones …

How the 70's were won

Off to the attic to find our protest sign

“GenJones” is new to me, too! But protest signs will win the 2020s, too :v:

ETA: From https://www.beresfordresearch.com/age-range-by-generation/

*We increasingly break up Boomers into two different cohorts because the span is so large, and the oldest of the generation have different sensibilities than the younger. In the U.S., Generation Jones (Boomers II) are just young enough to have missed being drafted into war.

Beresford Research doesn’t define the generations, but we do provide easy access to generation names based on a person’s age. We built this table to assist with our custom market research insights, and we update it annually.

ETA2: Generation Jones - Wikipedia

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That’s gonna require blueprints. Would bet that seller doesn’t have them and will have no clue what they are if asked. I would almost bet they have no idea what they are selling and that was just part of a flat file upload.

“Alexa, import from Sketchy Drop Ship R Us”

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Same as mobile home

Again … same as mobile home … usually a utility pole with a service panel … sometimes directly to the unit itself …

Depends on how it is classified … a lot of the “tiny homes” are converted sheds (think Tuff Shed)

The use of styrofoam panels would be light weight and provide some insulation. Not enough for north states but enough for southern states.

Mini ductless systems are prefect for this type of use.

Depends on the area … there are places a 50 x 150 lot can be bought for $2000 closing costs and all. Even if you had to run a new sewer line, set up water and have a electric utility pole drop put in, the total of those would be well under $10,000 in our tiny town. Now in California or New York … this would not be possible at all.

The key here would be “hoping” … 40 x 100 lots back in the 80’s started at $30,000 in the just above bad neighborhoods. But if you could put 3 on a lot that size, then the cost might come down. It would be like living in a trailer park.


Think mobile home … not traditional home …

Good points.

That’s assuming that something is built under this box to prop it up to create a crawl space. Mobile homes are designed to do that, this is shown just sitting on the ground.

Yep, Pink foam, but who knows if that is in use here.

Yep. Adds $2k Cost plus install minimum though.

The lack of details is actually the main concern for me. People might outlay $20-30k for this, then find out it’s “missing parts” LOL

Amazon is not the best place to sell DIY kits that require parts that are not included, this I lump into that.

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