Make it make sense (FBA delivery to Buyer)

:thinking: Help me understand…this.
SPOILER: I selected Nov 21.

I have never seen the “two days after shipping” option before. This is a Prime account.

Not enough info. Seller could have two different SKU’s for the same item and they are at different FC’s different distances from the ship to location. Also could the the FBA Head Start program where they are waiting for a transfer or shipment to be received.


I bet on Headstart

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Somebody has it now-enough to deliver on Nov 21.

Why would there be any other later (Nov 27) option, for the Buyer to choose, for the same ship-to location?

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Amazon in a Nutshell:

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Maybe they meant to have a 7 day handling time but the bot changed it to 1 day by mistake

Both shipping from Amazon FBA … handle time is a FBM thing … so this wouldn’t be an answer.

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While yes, this is exactly how Amazon operates, this item is FBA. Shipped by Amazon. Handling time ain’t no thing.

Something is definitely hinky because it’s Prime, it’s in stock, AND it’s already arriving NINE DAYS out (Nov 21) from order date (Nov 12).

But what the heck is up with

  1. giving me the bizarre FBA delivery option “2 days once shipped”
  2. that “2 days” being SEVEN DAYS after the other option and FIFTEEN DAYS after order date

…for an in-stock Prime item?

Even if it is the Head Start FBA program, why is it showing a Buyer this (new) non-delightful option? :thinking:

It was a joke, that they screwed up their own handling times (which are FC transfer times I guess) while messing with FBM handling times.

In stock does not mean available to ship…


Amazon feels Thursday is good enough though.

That is probably why the words “once shipped” are significant.


The “regular” in-stock FBA option was 9 days out (Nov 21).

The “once shipped” in-stock FBA option was 15 days out (Nov 27).

Truly odd.

Based merely upon the limited portions of the keyword-stuffed nature of the Amazon Global Catalog ASIN’s Product Title which I can see in your original post’s screenshots, I probably* could find the ASIN in question on my own - but now that you’ve piqued my interest in investigation of whether or not yet another unannounced Amazon Initiative over on the Buyer Account side of things might be in play (as if we didn’t already have enough to keep up with on the other side of the house, dadgummit!), may I ask if you’d care to help me try to reproduce the scenario you’ve experienced more-quickly by publicly sharing said ASIN?


Dum Spiro Spero is always me fave motto! :nerd_face:

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And it now says “currently unavailable” :woozy_face:

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I bet you this has to do with that in stock head start I complained about before. They created a shipment and never actually sent it, and now Amazon realized it’s not coming so they made it unavailable again.

I would cancel and order something else rather than wait for 2 weeks to see if they decide they want to ship it or not.

Here’s another puzzler: another duplicate FBA listing upfront, that does not impact delivery (someone sent me this in confusion):

Something’s up with FBA, y’all :woman_shrugging:

It is not:

  • different conditions (both new)
  • different fulfillment (both FBA)
  • different available quantities (both in stock)
  • Head Start (both in stock, arriving WNL)
  • different Sellers (both the same 3P, as listed)
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I had two (bizarre) delivery options and chose the “sooner” one. I’ll update as it progresses.

But if your theory is correct, why did Amazon show the sooner option, at all, or let the purchaser choose? :thinking:

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Make it make sense she says about amazon :smirk:

Hehe :slight_smile:

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Who the hell knows, when FBA works smoothly it works smoothly, when it doesn’t the defects are often really bizarre.

Even Amazon probably can’t explain the choices that you got for this (and the fact it got delayed anyway).

Maybe you can do a chat with buyer support and post the transcript here when you’re done. Make sure you try to make your explanation as complicated and over their head as possible. Try to point out all the illogical things that happened and press them as to why amazon doesn’t do things logically


i-reject-that (1)

Could be different SKU assignments for the same seller and ASIN. You will see it often used in items that expire. What you don’t know is the inventory heat map of coverage for those two different FNSKU’s.

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