MakerPlace: Listing Items with Variants

About listing items with variants, I have done:

  1. Started the listing with variants
  2. Started the listing with just a single item, then added a new item as a variant to the single listing.

But if I want to combine several existing listings (same product with different colors), I can add all the colors to one of the existing listing as variants, but what do I do with the listings of those colors that’s already existing as single varient? Do I need to deactivate them & then delete them?

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Sorry to bring this up, I do appreciate your help over the decades. The OP is talking about “Marker Place” on Michaels. They (Michaels) are infants in the world of eCommerce.

I could be confused, if so let me know.

I have this assigned to one of our team members and will share the question with her. I expect she may have some input.

That said, we have not had a single sale on Marker Place since we started.


Hi @Dreamscape-Studio, I moved some replies to Listings and Variations and added “MakerPlace” to your title, just in case members don’t see the MakerPlace by Michaels category (easy to miss).

Thank you @Image !

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You are welcome, she is off with family tonight, I did ask her this afternoon, she has a lot on her plate.

This economy has us heads down and focused on growth. Amazon is not performing as it should.


You could probably be ok under the radar as far as duplicate items listed goes but I would delete and you can only delete them if they had no sales. Once they have had a sale, you can only make them inactive.


That’s kind of silly. So if we sold a one of a kind item. the listing will be inactive but still showing on my products list on the dashboard, taking up space. :frowning_face:

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