Michaels MakerPlace

For my Handmade friends.

Saw some people talking about Michaels MakerPlace on reddit in the Etsy subreddit. I really can’t find much about it, other than that it is a waitlist since it has not launched yet. I did fill out the waitlist last week and got approved today.

Just curious if anyone else is going to check it out or not. It’s for Handmade, but also I guess if you teach classes as well? https://www.michaels.com/makerplace

Seems interesting, but I also remember how Zibbet was paring with AC moore and that all fell apart, so I have no idea if a selling platform backed by a craft store would be any good. But I’ll try anything once!

Also it might be a bit confusing because Michaels launched something called Marketplace for selling craft supplies recently as well.


:grimacing: I thought the thread title was a typo.

Otherwise, I’m intrigued!


I remember them starting this up a few years ago, but maybe it was the craft supplies one? Will be interested to see if anything comes of it - it seems like they never pan out!


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This. I also can’t even remember the various sites I’ve put the work into - creating listings, etc., only to have them go belly-up.

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Got mine too. I’m gonna list some best sellers on the free basic and see what happens.


That’s so true.

I went to the above link to get on waitlist (not sure if I want to do it, but just in case), and there isn’t any info about this MakerPlace, so I did a little googling, and end up on some Michael web page about “Marketplace”, and it was half way through reading everything before I realized it was not the same as “MakerPlace”.

So where can we get some details (ex. fees/ commissions, etc) about selling on MakerPlace?

Is “Makerplace” already available to the public to make purchases? Is there a link to it?


the public site has not launched but enrolled sellers can begin setting up their stores.


Thanks Wade for that link, will check out the info there.

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I am getting a blank screen at the “Join Wait List” link.


Will try again later.

So, so true. I remember 11main, so many others and Wayfair spent months wanting to onboard us. When they/we did boy were we surprised!


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So this is a thing that happened, and I’m pretty sus about it now.

At 10:18 PM last night I get three emails in my inbox
The first is from UPS - Your UPS account verification pin
The second is from Makerplace - You have selected UPS+Michaels as your shipping provider (Watch your inbox for an email from UPS with instructions to set up your UPS account where you will handle your billing)
The third from UPS saying - Your new UPS account is ready to use"

So I know I did not select the UPS option in my Makerplace account. I go back to Makerplace, confirm it still says that I use USPS. When I click the UPS button a terms and conditions pops up which I close out.

This UPS account that was created the username was FIRSTNAMELASTNAME

I do not have a password for this new supposed UPS account they created. I do a lost password request with the new USERNAME and my email it it says the username/email don’t match stored information.

I know I already have a UPS account and so if I do recover username with my email address it says my old original UPS username.

I filled out a support email to Makerplace asking what was going on because I did not authorize them to open any account in my name.

Also on another note here is information links I think you can access without a makerplace account for fees and if you want to read the seller agreement: https://www.michaels.com/makerplace/fgm/support-center

So true. If they can get their act together (the seller listing interface is clunky right now) I think they could have potential in terms of marketing Makerplace sales with Michael’s purchases by some sort of discount coupons, promotions, frequent buyer dollars, etc.


I read an article that said they went public in 2021 and are taking the company in a new direction. So we shall see.


Says they’re not going ‘live’ with it until the Fall - maybe they’re testing the waters to see how many people sign up before hiring staff for tech support? Maybe? :melting_face:

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Thanks for that link, it has more detailed info there.


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Sounds like Amazon LOL, but I understand you meant forum. We’ll figure it out for better or worse. Would not be the first time I left the party early!


:exclamation: ETA: Done! MakerPlace by Michaels

We can do it here.

We can make a dedicated Michael’s MakerSpace (public) category here, like Etsy or Walmart.

Would that be helpful? Could you comfortably direct Makers here? :thinking:

If yes, and if it gets big, we can make a private group and category, like @Handmade and Handmade.