More logistics nightmares - Largest CA Port closed


Breaking News!

  • TTI, the largest terminal in Long Beach, canceled all trucking orders for both imports and exports on Monday
  • The longshoremen called “dailies” who fill in daily positions are not showing up for work at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach; steady longshoremen (senior employees who are on staff) reported for work Friday and Saturday
  • No union workers showed up at the Port of Oakland on Friday and Saturday
  • Reports spread that union workers are “red tagging” equipment to take it out of service for safety reviews, creating congestion and slowing down work

This can’t be good… for Sellers…

Thanks for the news. It seems that we have to avoid the west coast ports for now. Amazon warehouse themselves also have a delay accepting appointment for trucks to deliver goods problem. I wonder if that’s a labor shortage. [mod edit: removed prohibited content]

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Globally, “seasonally-adjusted trade volumes were no higher in the three months from February to April 2023 than they had been 17 months earlier in the three months from September to November 2021.”

Remember, these are imports and exports.

In the U.S. specifically…

Traffic at seven of the nine major U.S. container ports (Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Houston, Charleston, Savannah and Virginia, excluding Seattle and New York) was down 16% in the first five months of 2023.

The number of shipping containers hauled on the major U.S. railroads, many en route to and from the ports, was down by 10% in the first four months of 2023, according to the Association of American Railroads.

Truck tonnage movements were also down by a little under 1% compared with the same period a year earlier, based on data from the American Trucking Association.

Sidebar: Anyone ever been to the Port of Savannah? We’re usually down there once a year or so and JEEPERS do those monstrous cargo ships jump out of nowhere! :hushed: They are so massive up close. You’re just casually cruising along a sleepy river-side two-lane road, there’s a break in the willows, and BOOM! A bazillion-story monolith is looming right over you. The genes from my caveman ancestors react like it’s a meat-eating dinosaur looking for “a little snack”.

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I love Savannah, and have visited it regularly since I was very young, and one of our maternal great-uncles took a bunch of us young’uns on a day trip up from the family retreat in the Lower Sea Islands for a tour of Fort Pulaski.

Decades back, a highlight of even a ‘pass-through’ visit was seeing the NS Savannah moored in the Savannah, which was always enthralling for me; despite having served aboard even more-massive naval vessels a time or two, I, too am unnerved when in proximity to today’s behemoth cargo carriers.

I simply don’t trust the lashings.

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Love, and even often stay at Fort Screven.

AND YES :flushed::flushed::flushed:

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