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Greetings, SAS! When we create/open a new Category, we’ll announce it here in this thread, so be sure to set this to “tracking” so you aren’t the last to know. :wink:


March 20, 2023

The Reviews & Recommendations category is a private space to offer reviews and seek recommendations for third-party apps, services, software, and tools for your online retail business.

:warning: This category is not visible to the public or new/limited users.

Category Guidelines

  1. Any SAS member can create a topic in this category.
  2. Please search by the name of the app/service before posting. If a topic already exists, please post your review/recommendation/question as a reply in that topic, instead of starting a new topic.
  3. If your new topic is about a specific app/service, then your topic title should be only the name of that service, and your OP (original post) should include a (non-affiliate) link to its official website.

UPDATE: Moved to :lock: Reviews & Recommendations


March 26, 2023

Topics and subcategories in :lock: SAS Confidential (members only) (members only) are only visible to SAS members at Trust Level 1 and above.

:warning: This category is not visible to the public or new/limited users.

Any member who can view SAS Confidential may post there.

:star_struck: Thank you @primetime for the category name!

The Reviews & Recommendations category has been moved into :lock: SAS Confidential (members only) and remains inaccessible to the public and new members.


Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm … That was 20 yrs ago.



Well I didn’t say brand new :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heck, lets go with it, I wouldn’t mind turning the clock back 20 years on occasion!!! A time machine category (or at least a thread for it) might be a good Idea!!! :disguised_face:


SAS IS PUBLICLY VIEWABLE, except for the Handmade Booksellers and :lock: SAS Confidential (members only) categories, which are :lock: PRIVATE categories. Topics and replies are not viewable by the public or anonymous users.

There are some other subcategories that are also :lock: PRIVATE, as indicated by the lock icon, as below:


:x: SAS members may delete their own posts in all categories at any time by selecting the :wastebasket:trash can icon at the bottom of a post, or by flagging a post for mods to delete. NOTE: SAS staff can always see all versions of edited or deleted posts.


We looked and we looked but we failed to see how this is done …
Can you please explain how one might achieve this “tracking” of the thread?

Consider it as helping an old and challenged relic of the past.



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Very happy to! Scroll down to the bottom of any topic to a drop down menu beneath the “Topic Controls” that probably currently says “Normal” (See yellow arrow; mine is automatically set to “Watching” because I’m the OP) and change it to “Tracking” (See all the red arrows).

You can also see a “Mute” option (See green arrow), in case there are topics that you never want to see again.

Clear as mud?


Screenshot 2023-07-02 1.48.38 AM

Thanks for pointing this out, I didn’t notice it before!!


July 20, 2023

This subcategory is for ecommerce/online retail Sellers to discuss the new sales channel MakerPlace by Michaels, currently onboarding Handmade-only Sellers in beta testing. More…


Hmm… I’m not a new user, so I must be a limited one…

:thinking: Not that I can see. I’ll poke around. Thanks for letting us know!

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@Gandalf can you see it now? It was previously “everyone,” but now I’ve added all user categories individually, too. :crossed_fingers:

And can others please let me know whether they can/not see MakerPlace by Michaels ???

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We can see it now …

{{{ now that kind of reminds us of “Can you hear me now?” }}}

Yes, I can - but I didn’t face the same problem as did our friend @Gandalf, as I could see it from the get-go…

:thinking: It was set so that literally anyone could, so I’m thinking @Gandalf experienced a glitch.

I’m hoping they don’t mind that I announce that their SAS account is and was under zero restrictions or mutes that might possibly have contributed, if extant.

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So I’m safe to shelve my #FreeGandalf hash-tag, I take it?