NEW FLAG: "It's illegal" 🚩

Hello, SellersAskSellers! Our Discourse update includes a new option when flagging a post: “It’s illegal”.

The DSA (2024) is a European Commission action that places additional reporting requirements on “all online intermediaries offering their services in the single market, whether they are established in the EU or outside.”

To help Discourse users comply, Discourse has chosen to add this new flag as a universal update. We at SellersAskSellers do not oppose this additional functionality.

How to flag a post that concerns you:

  1. Select the 3 dots at the base of the post.
  2. Select the flag icon.
  3. Select the reason for your concern.

You might select “It’s illegal” if you are concerned that the content of the post is itself illegal (for example, an illegal image) or if the content of the post provides instructions for illegal activity (for example, how to commit credit card fraud). You will be prompted to provide more information:


  • Each flag for “It’s illegal” will be reviewed manually by the SellersAskSellers modmin team.
  • You might be asked to provide additional information.
  • You might or might not be provided additional information on any actions taken.
  • If you are unsure whether any content of concern should fall under “It’s illegal,” please feel free to use the “Something else” flag to ask questions or provide context. “Something else” flags are also manually reviewed by the SellersAskSellers modmin team.

To be clear, this new functionality does not constitute any changes to SellersAskSellers Community Expectations or TOS, including:

  1. Our blanket prohibition on illegal content or materials, and/or
  2. Our prohibition on flagging abuse.

If you want more information on the DSA, this is a helpful resource: The Digital Services Act is in full effect | Deloitte UK.

Thanks for your attention,