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Amazon Reviews for $5??

“New App is currently trending on Amazon Selling Partner Appstore”

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Wow, so Amazon now allows paying for reviews.

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It’s crazy, and they’re promoting it… :dizzy_face:

Their policy clearly states sellers can not offer gifts in exchange for reviews.

Amazon Customer product reviews policies

Amazon has made some changes, but it is still against policy.


I just checked it out for myself.

Selling Partner AppStore

GetReviews website

I was trying to find the page that the OP had posted in NSFE;
GetReviews has a link posted, “Complying with Amazon Review Terms” but I can’t seem to find it. May have to signup to see it, but I thought it would be interesting to see what they wrote.


If we ignore that Amazon policy seems to be violated by the GetReviews app, for a moment. I wonder how we comply with the Federal Law that requires disclosure of any review that received incentive or compensation? :thinking:

I think I’d stay away from this particular scheme…


It is extremely irresponsible for Amz even to allow this on their site. Do they not check these services out before allowing them? Some sellers may think this is allowed because Amz backs it, will sign up for the service, and could end up getting suspended.


So you’re saying it’s sorta like the “You’re approved to sell this brand” for various brands that aren’t allowed by the rights-holder. Lot’s of people seem to fall for that as well.
Of course, this is even worse; it really does appear as an endorsement.

Is there a pool on when the mods will get involved with the thread?


Give it a week. Youll get a response that they are looking into it. That is all you will ever get.

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Wait…this is a third-party app, though. :thinking:
I think the long answer was right, and this “it’s on the platform” is wrong…right?


That’s correct Amz has it featured on their Selling Partner AppStore under ‘Treading Apps’, which is under Seller Central… :person_facepalming:

The post already has 1k views.

It finally got a Mods attention.

…and of course, some sellers think it’s ok.

It will be interesting to see what the Mods come back with.

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I was going to post about this in the Beta group as to not give this free advertising but saw it here already. I must be in a different time zone as I see it took over 12 hours for the mods to respond in any kind of way. I don’t see how it could be legit, but SOMEBODY approved it! :roll_eyes:

I’m sure the developers of that app will get some tremendous juice from 3 or 4 weeks of free advertising on the NSFE.

That’s some good police work, AMZ mods. :man_facepalming:

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I see this app is currently on :fire: :fire: :fire: with ZERO reviews. What’s the over/under on how long before new sellers start getting their accounts deactivated and the NSFE blowing up from a bot pointing out these sellers for review manipulation?


The mods will likely not take action as it could jeopardize their safety zone, which is to remain anonymous and anomalous.



“Bot verified and approved.” Expect this to be available in the Google Play Store shortly.


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It seems logical, especially if you’re a new seller.
“It is approved by Amazon, so doesn’t that make it safe?”

The thread will likely sit all weekend and is currently featured on the forum widget in seller central. :angry:


Really!! :person_facepalming:

Great response from @Brigitte !

And as for “giving money for reviews is not against Amazon policy”…way to let everyone know that you don’t know what incentive means.


Amazon has this posted under Seller Central Appstore:

I found the page where GetReviews states that they are in compliance with Amz.

Complying with Amazon TOS - (Link to GetReviews)

Am I missing something? Here they specifically say exchange for their free gift… :thinking: