New requirement for list price on November 13

New requirement for list price on November 13

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Amazon Services [email protected]


Beginning November 13, 2023, the list price attribute will be required for certain product types that commonly involve list prices. The list price is also referred to as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

For more information about product types, go to “Product type and attributes”:

You can also download the full list of impacted product types here:

You are receiving this email because you have previously added selection for these product types. Your existing offers will not be affected by this change.

Rather, when you create a new item listing or when you edit an existing listing, you will see a prompt to fill out the list price attribute. If you previously used product templates to add or edit product listings in bulk for the impacted product types, you must use the newest updated template version.

To find instructions on how to download Product Templates, go to “Create your inventory file template”:

If you do not have a ready-to-provide list price, a possible value could be the first price at which you have offered or will be offering the product. You can also provide a value of 0 to indicate that you do not have a list price.

For more information on how Amazon uses list prices, go to “Show a reference price on your products by providing a list price”:

The Amazon Services team

We did download a new excel category specific template for our items and can see several changes have been made. It may appear as a lot of attributes are missing but look closely as you will find several columns are simply hidden (even in the required attributes on the one we use).

One the new templates, it will be useful if you know how to unhide columns and unhide sheets (hidden tabs).


Amazon said:

:grimacing: Someone else mentioned this “0” lately…lemme find it…

ETA: Found it! @casbboy @ASV_Vites @Sundance at Suppressed - No Reference Price.

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Yes … we remembered that too …
Since the email laid all of it out, we thought it would be a good reference.

We thought this was worthy to point out also. When we downloaded ours, the changes stood out right away.

Again … we stress this as it will be important to saving your sanity.


Yes, it is, thank you for posting! I just got stuck for a moment on the ListPrice = 0. Thank you for posting!

List price… hmmm as the Handmade Manufacturer the MSRP will be…

Of course, that doesn’t go as far as it used to so…

1 Billion Dollars!!!


I hope this doesn’t mean that Amazon is going to kick out the zeros. That list price has been mandatory in books for some time now.

I use zero for the vast majority of my listings (all used books).

For many the list price has zero relevance in today’s world. The cover price of a book published in 1954 has no bearing on today’s value. And often the list price is unknown.

No … they are telling you to use them if you do not have a manufacturer list price …

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Seems like another change meant to get the message across that if you do not sell branded, brand new, box in/box out, in production products, you will need another selling venue to replace Amazon.

Oddly, after having to enter a (meaningless) “List Price” on books for the last year or so, midway through listing some books today, it is suddenly no longer a required field for books; although there is now a new option to automatically populate the field with your price.

There is a variant on the Add page that doesn’t demand – or even have a field for – list price.

But when you Edit the listing, the demand of list price is still there.

The variant Add page has the condition codes all scrambled instead of in a sensible order.

Was that it? Or is this something new down the pike?

There was a field of List Price. But it wasn’t outlined in red; I didn’t enter anything, and it went through with no error. And everything was in normal order; fields as well as the values in the drop-downs.

And as I noted, to the right of the List Price box, was a ? in a circle, with a tag next to it “Enter your offer price as List Price” or something similar. Scares me to think what happens when the Goodwill lowballers start just clicking that button…

Sadly, since noticing, none of the books I’ve checked were worth listing (working on a big clean-out), so don’t know if it’s now normal.

Ah, I see. I suppose I will be meeting this with my next batch then.

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Update. As of Saturday, it’s back to the old Red Outline box requiring the value. Oh well…

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