Suppressed - No Reference Price

I have a listing that for some odd reason is suppressed for “No Reference Price”

I opened a ticket with SAS, who took the high road and forwarded me onto Seller Support, and they, in their wisdom, said to correct the suppression I just need to make sure I supply a LIST PRICE.

Okay, I go to Edit the listing and the List Price is there and accurate. I take a screenshot and send to Seller Support, and they respond by saying I need to add a List Price.

Before I get into the neverending circle with SS, where they keep telling me to add something already there, is there another reason for this suppression that SS isn’t telling me?

They are frogs, and will not turn into a prince regardless of how often you kiss them.

Sorry, only explanation I have.

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I have 5 of my top 12 revenue generators suppressed without reason. it’s insane.

I feel your pain, we run into this type of thing all the time. I can not remember the last time a Seller Support person helped me. Looking way back to Brand Registry 1.0 I did have one, based in the US, that told me the truth.

He indicated, I was asking the question wrong, and needed to rephrase it. He then helped me.

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Could Amazon be looking for a MSRP on a manufacturer or distributor website? I ran into this with ASINs created by a Retail-Arbitrage artists. I had recaptured the rouge ASINs under my brand, and did what I always do - I made each ASIN a variation, so as to at least salvage the consistently rave reviews about the product. Rather than the 8oz size, each was changed into a comically impossible size - so far, I have ASINs for:

55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Tote
1500 Gallon Tanker-Truck Load
10,000 gallon KC-135 Stratotanker Load
190,000 Supertanker Load

This prevents any/all who might want to make an offer on each ASIN from using the ASIN, as they would be obligated to actually deliver the far, far larger size. (All that is actually available is the 8oz bottle.)

The next Generic Toaster Pastry (even the brand name “Pop-Tart” is too good for these morons) who tries this trick will have their ASIN turned into a “30,000 Gallon In-Ground Swimming Pool (pool not included)” size.

I can’t put reasonable prices on them, so the ASINs are all suppressed, as Amazon is looking for a price on OUR website for the product in each container size, and refuse to accept any price higher than that for the 8-oz bottle (“high price error”). So the ASINs are suppressed, which is just peachy from my point of view.

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That’s what I thought too… but it’s the same on our site, the only other place it sells… and , they got back to me.

It’s because my List Price is higher than my current price, not YOUR PRICE mind you, but a clearance SALE PRICE I set to move some units and dodge some storage fees.

So, in short, if I dare to put an ASIN on Sale I will get suppressed.

I set the List Price to $0 as recommended and I’m still Suppressed on the listing.

Did escalation and they had me send proof of the list price by Manufacturer.

They are working on it.

Also, Seller Support has a Chat Option now.

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Here’s a lengthy post (all mashed up by the indents) from about a year ago.

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I tried using it for the first time this morning trying to figure out why a return on a 370 day old order was auto-authorized by them, and had two agents just disconnect on me when they couldn’t give me an answer :roll_eyes:

Has the item had any sales in the past 60 or 90 days at the list price?

The item has to be sold at the list price otherwise it will be suppressed. The sale also has to be recent. I can’t remember if it’s within the last 60 or 90 days.

It has to do with some legal mumbo jumbo that if an item has never been sold at the higher price then you can’t call the sale price a sale.

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that’s a good question. i had a coupon before that, so not sure if it applies and counts it as not list price.


Who suggested this?!!!

Damn those people are dumb…

“Your Price” and “List Price” should match and should be your standard MSRP.

Any discount, for any reason, should be done with the Sale Price or PED’s / Coups, deals, ETC.

Do it this way and you’ll never have this issue again…

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I did have it that way. For me to remove the suppression they said I needed to change it.

But then an escalation person stepped in and saying they are taking over on this issue and will get back to me with a resolution.

The price bot is not something that Seller Support can help you with. They have no ability to change anything a bot does. All you can do is try to determine what criteria the bot is using that has set it off. Seller Support can try to help you determine what these criteria are, but… I wouldn’t recommend taking anything they tell you as fact.

In this case, the fundamental issue is that the bot is stupid. This is not something you can fix.

I have hundreds of items shut down by the high price bot for “no reference price.”. The only thing you can do is to lower the price until Amazon thinks it’s fair. As far as I can tell, this is determined by comparing the item to the list price (If and only if the list price is added by a seller Amazon has given control of the listing to, otherwise Amazon tends to ignore it) and if there is no list price, Amazon compares the item to similar items. Or items Amazon thinks are similar. They often are not.

I hate the high price bot.

This is best practice if you own the brand. This does not work as well when the seller is not the brand owner.


Again, this is what you are paying for with SAS. Seems like your new person is better than your last but this one doesn’t to seem to be any great bute either…

Conversely, our new manager is better than our last one that we really liked but she may be showing off because she’s new to our account and trying hard.

You have a lot of strange issues my friend. Very weird, even by Amazon’s BS issue standards.

You’re not new
Do decent volume
Own your brand
Probably don’t have anyone else on your listings
Have SAS support

I really don’t get it. Wishing you better luck because this sucks!


It really has to do with legal stuff. A few years ago a lot of stores (ones that I remember were kohls, carters, children’s place) that would constantly be running these “40 percent” off everything sales. However if the item has never been sold for full price then that’s considered false advertising.

Here is just a quick link as an example Sales at ■■■■■■’s - Truth in Advertising

Stating an overpriced (keyword overpriced) MSRP (list price) and then discounting it is illegal. Setting a normal msrp is not illegal. The only way Amazon can stop this is to prove that the item has been sold at the MSRP. That is why even if you have a list price of your item hasn’t been sold at that list price recently, it does not count. So you set your list price at MSRP and you hope that someone buys it at full price so you can put it on sale later.

It sucks, because often times you want to discount older inventory that hasn’t sold or you want to discount new inventory to give it some traction. I get it and I also understand amazons side.

The real issue though is Amazon doesn’t seem to be training its seller support in that people need to have a recent sale at the list price. I delt with seller support on this issue for well over a year before I figured it out all on my own just by putting puzzle pieces together.

I mean I could be wrong, but evidence seems to be on my side and I’ve tested it in the past year or so. When I run my prime exclusive discount even on sold items where the sale was from over 90 days ago it does not count. I can’t remember if the cut off is 60 or 90 days I did set up my most recent sale going 90 days back and I have a few items as suppressed so I will need to try and remember to check and see if the reason they are suppressed is because they are between 60 and 90 days or if a few 90+ day items snuck in since I set up the sale several weeks ago.


it’s honestly so strange. The thing that sucks on Amazon is they compare different quality products and expect same pricing since in the same category. It’s tough to find the happy medium.

Dodged a bullet today. Got a Trademark warning in my Health, and when the email came I couldn’t open the attachment or see any ASINs, so thought, just like last year, I was going to get a fake IP trademark complaint that would remove all my bamboo listings until Q1 2024.

Fortunately it is for the new listing I was creating the GTIN for. The brand description mentions we are “located in the OC”.

“The OC” is a TV show, so I can’t have “the OC” in any of my text. Phew!

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Don’t you just love when you get a major false alarm from Amazon???

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Amazon suggests ZERO If you don’t know the proper number


From time to time what Amazon suggests isn’t always best practice. LOL

If the value is known (and it is), it should be in there and match “Your Price”.

I guess we are both right but I was sharing what has worked for us since day 1.