New user questions - Where are my PM's?

For the safety of our community and for all members, new users do not have access to PM’s or chat options.

Please feel free to post on threads or open new threads. As your forum reputation grows you will gain access to PM’s and chat!



I have yet to be verified and granted PM ability, so I am posting here

  1. I noticed when clicking a Seller Icon (The Seller, I will not mention) to get there profile, they had their Website listed. They may in fact did it purposefully, but I just thought it odd, as most here (I assume) wish anonymity.

Anyway, I thought it might be best to somehow mark the Profile edit page, with a warning, that all data entered is exposed.

  1. As a long time poster on the OSFE (not here, as it took 45 days to find ya’ll) - what are the Rules, or Metrics that are required to
    a. Get the Verified Check-Mark?
    b. Get access to PMs
    c. To Join a group (Handmade, Bookseller, etc)

3. Guides Made by us.

Since this forum is new, there is only ONE guide.
But I notice that the +New Topic is dimmed, so I also do not have access.
a. Will the trust level bump modify this?
b. or only posting a new Topic, and a review by the Leaders for approval do the trick?

This is one area, in my opinion that can greatly benefit all Sellers.
A go-to for common questions, procedures, and templates.


@Chimanimani great questions! I will answer what I can and tag out for the rest…tomorrow :smile:


Hum, It might be that said seller may have already been “out ed” on the old seller forum and new seller forum and so figured they didn’t mind posting openly.

But I can see the point and posting a warning to let everyone know that everything “posted” on the profile will be public is probably a good Idea for those who DO want to remain unknown.

As to how long or requirements to get “verified” I don’t think it will take too long, do a little posting/replying since you are a known name from the Old forum.


@Chimanimani I meant tomorrow tomorrow.

Seriously, I haven’t forgotten you.



We did not depart the NSFE due to the outing of us. We did depart due to the outing of others. Since they were told day 1 that they would not be identified, down to the storefront and registered street or post office address, but then they were.

We use our corporate name, we have several brands we manufacture, simple enough to find us through our required state registry. Not worried, something to do with living in the “Live Free or Die” state.

We did have a problem with the handmade forum, going public, to the search engines and all sellers. Trying to help other artisans, we spent a lot of time providing detailed business, and trade information in that forum. With the commitment from Amazon it was closed and private.

Three days before they pulled the plug, and pushed it in the other socket we were informed, all IP, all postings we did would be public. Unacceptable.

I don’t think we have personal info in our profile, but if so, no worries.

Yet everyone deserves the right to keep what they want to themselves. I will defend that right.

We were lucky and onboarded here early, I think the grand pumba’s (Leaders) have the permissions set to click in over time.

You bring up good points. I know, they knew right away that I was active in the Closed Handmade OSFE and put me right into the Closed one here.

I have indicated before, SAS may not yet know what it wants to be when it grows up. That creates questions like you have as the infant matures.


It looks like @Chimanimani is still waiting for a mod to get back to them.


Thanks @maintak ! @Chimanimani made an expanded post here:

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Ah. My bad. I’ve been away for a couple weeks and I have clearly missed some things. Sorry for the poke.


No worries at all! I need reminders and appreciate it. :+1:


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