Site Suggestions

I previously posted (to the wrong) category, and have duplicated here to correct PLUS I have added another.

1. Profile Page Unintended Exposure.

I noticed when clicking a Seller Icon (The Seller, I will not mention) to get there profile, they had their Website listed. They may in fact did it purposefully, but I just thought it odd, as most here (I assume) wish anonymity.

Anyway, I thought it might be best to somehow mark the Profile edit page, with a warning, that all data entered is exposed.

2. What are the Rules, or Metrics that are required to

As a long time poster on the OSFE (not here, as it took 45 days to find ya’ll) - what are the Rules, or Metrics that are required to
a. Get the Verified Check-Mark?
b. Get access to PMs
c. To Join a group (Handmade, Bookseller, etc)

3. Guides Made by us.

Since this forum is new, there is only ONE guide.
But I notice that the +New Topic is dimmed, so I also do not have access.
a. Will the trust level bump modify this?
b. or only posting a new Topic, and a review by the Leaders for approval do the trick?

This is one area, in my opinion that can greatly benefit all Sellers.
A go-to for common questions, procedures, and templates.

4. New Category Request

Call it something like “Requested Questions to Ask on the NSFE”

For those of us that are lurkers on the NSFE, or even those that decided to simply bail completely, I think it would be great to have category here, where we can offer up questions to post on the NSFE.

Admittedly, those questions need to be forwarded to the NSFE by those that are on BOTH platforms, but there are quite a few here that are. They can pick and choose, what they feel comfortable asking, but I do believe there are some VERY IMPORTANT ITEMS THAT NEED TO BE ASKED. Especially with the moderators.

Since the NSFE has NO PMs, I can not ask in private, without posting publicly exposing my Name, Store Name, Wife and Kids Name, and financial info among others.

Depending on poster that WILL ask the question, it might be a very good way as well to highlight this forum as well. Each Title or question and be referenced as follows

Title: “Sellersasksellers question for the NSFE” or “Sellersasksellers New Fees for xxxx”

or without a title like that, a standard script could be place first in the content box like

“This is a Sellersasksellers community question that is being asked on the Amazon Forum. SellersAskSellers are Amazon Sellers that NEED to ask Moderator questions but are unable to because there are no longer PM (Private Messaging) available, and have deferred to join the New Amazon Forum due to new 2023 policy that now publicly exposes Amazon Forum sellers Store Data.”

5. Requested Questions to Ask on the NSFE - First ask

When we were all Forced to choose - NSFE vs “NSFE New / NSFE Archive Old” vs. Neither in January 2023, we were told that the “NSFE New / NSFE Archive Old” and Neither option would ARCHIVE the old.

Those that choose those two options WANTED COMPLETE ANONYMITY. A complete archive with NO LINKS BACK TO US.

To this day, we still receive email notifications, when someone responds to a pre-January OSFE post, and notifications on other posts (that I can not quite figure out why). I just received a Lighten up email from a April 11 post.

What this means is that our OLD ACCOUNTS are still LINKED to our existing account, or if not, at least linked to our email account.

This should be changed, as their is apt potential to be exposed if a data leak occurs.
and at the VERY LEAST, I do not wish to be spammed by the Amazon Forum. So there needs to be a mechanism to OPT out of this spam



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That is an @pappy thing.


Hi @Chimanimani! I’m going to tackle what I can…

I agree, and I defer to @Pepper_Thine_Angus on if and how that can be done. We want SAS to be a safe place in terms of protecting your privacy and business.

Some members do indeed intentionally have their info displayed, but without a specific warning, it’s difficult to distinguish between intentionality and accident.

The Verified Checkmark means that SAS has confirmed that you are an Amazon Seller (and in the future, eBay, Etsy, etc) with an Amazon store, through triangulation on the official Amazon Forum.

Our earliest SAS adopters are piloting Verified, and we will be launching for all SAS members very soon. It is completely voluntary.

FWIW we know you are, indeed, yourself. :grin:

ETA: @Chimanimani CORRECTION. PMs are available at TL2–not TL1 as I originally stated. Thanks @Tallytony! I will correct below…

PM access is restricted for ALL new SAS members (Trust Level 0) until they reach Trust Level 2 (“Member”). We currently have 60+ members at TL2.

Achieving TL2 is based on consistent SAS community engagement and participation.

We set all new members at TL0 to weed out bots and spammers.

First, a potential new member answers yes/no to being a Handmaker or Bookseller.

Once that user is approved as an SAS member, there are additional checks to verify Handmaker/Bookseller status.

Once a new member is confirm as such, SAS staff assigns them to the Group(s), and they can then access the :lock: PRIVATE Handmade and Booksellers categories.

We are quite protective of those private categories, so the process might take a bit of time, and can involve one or many steps to confirm.

Any SAS member who believes they should be assigned to Handmade and/or Booksellers but are not yet should PM staff. We are sure that we have missed folks in registration! Plus, some sellers don’t start off in Handmade or with books but grow to that over time.

More coming… :sweat_smile:



The Guides made by us category is a work in progress and currently restricted to new topics created only by SAS staff. @oneida_books topic was moved there by staff from a different category.

We plan to open the category soon and agree that will be an amazing resource. Gird yourself, @Chimanimani, because you have several great OSFE topics we will ask you to add, if willing. :sweat_smile:

However, there are indeed some categories that are restricted from public and/or new member view by trust level and/or group membership.

This whole dang suggestion is awesome and under consideration by staff of how best to implement.

It’s basically a reverse NSFE Talkback.

Re #5 – I’m going to post that in NSFE Talkback, for now. Thank you!

ETA: @Chimanimani


Check your profile :slight_smile:


Want that “verified” checkmark? Just pay $8/month See here :arrow_down:


I was not invited to this party :rofl:

This is currently being addressed via a case created by a mod to us (and there is at least one other seller involved through a case). The NSFE “work around PM” is for a mod to create a case to open a two way communication that is not posted on NSFE.

By the way … this particular issue was brought up over a year ago when we were in the beta NSFE. Recently, strange edits of posts (that were made 4 to 6 months ago) have appeared on our old OFSE profiles. Three of us (all sellers on here and NSFE) called this to NSFE attention and were able to attract a mod to present it to “the teams”.

Currently, we have two mod opened cases dealing with two different Amazon function issues.

So if you have an idea / issue that you would like to submit, go ahead and post it here. If we can craft a well thought out thread that will draw attention to it (and hopefully catch a mod’s eye), we will help. Just keep in mind that the more sellers this issue effects … the better chance it will have of getting a mod’s intervention. Example … a Handmade issue would be hard for us to address as we can not post in that area of NSFE. Posting it in the main NSFE area might not get the right mod’s eye. Your NSFE profile vs OSFE profile issue would be one that would be (and was) a good one for the main NSFE area.