NSFE: Amamods bragging about helping while directly ignoring

There’s a topic on the NSFE about Amazon Accelerate. It’s a thread by a CMT, with many CMT responses, about a “Forum Lounge” at Accelerate. Someone mentioned how “closely” the CMTs monitor the NSFE.

Buried in the replies is this excellent post from a Seller.
A reply to the CMT OP. Where other CMTs have replied to others, no tags. ZERO RESPONSES. 5 DAYS.

Pathetic that they will take time to pat themselves on the baxk and gaslight about their NSFE engagement, instead of tackling real Seller problems.

h/t @dwat0870 at Amazon Accelerate 2023 - #3 by dwat0870

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These days on Amazon, either you’ve learned how to game the system of bots + indian seller performance employees, or you haven’t and you’re screwed because there’s no real person to help you.

The forum mods there are the sorriest sacks of ■■■■ i’ve ever seen in my life. Like 90% of their posts are downvoted because they’re useless.

I hate that because that Seller has really good questions.

Amazon absolutely penalizes those of us who play by the rules.

Any advice for the OP?

Reminds me of this situation with @A162: Brand registration

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