NSFE - Amazon Seller Forums linking old profile to new profiles

Color me surprised … not.

So I found this out this AM 2023-03-20T14:30:00Z while getting the link to my OSFE forum profile.

OSFE Profile

NSFE NEW Profile

NOTE: I started with a FRESH profile in the NSFE, instead of linking up my OSFE forum profile, to test the effects out for everyone. None of my new posts should be showing up here!

I’ve not considered all the implications for people but suggest you check your old accounts if you have moved to the NSFE with a new one.

And whatever they did is still affecting the Stats.


I don’t see this same issue - my old forum account hasn’t posted in 2 months, according to its profile.

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Interesting …

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I wonder if it is because you have connections to other accounts?

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Possibly, I guess, but I don’t see it being that.

If you posted with both accounts I’m wondering if they connected the two?
I am not seeing any activity showing from my old account and nothing on the new one (I have not posted or reacted).
Appreciate the heads up I’ll keep a watch.


@oneida_books can you please check my OSFE and NSFE profiles, and let me know (privately! :sweat_smile:) if you see anything amiss?

I didn’t (and won’t!) onboard to NSFE, so I can’t see ANY profile as a non-logged-in user. (Or post, or vote, or flag…but I know that you know that.)

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His OSFE profile is showing his NSFE posts. Since you haven’t onboarded, this should not be an issue, as there should be no NSFE posts to associate with your OSFE profile.

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I think so, too, but also…Amazon.


Yeah, hence my following in your footsteps and refusing to onboard at all.

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You don’t have a NSFE profile to check.


Seems everyones stats have been zero’ed out.

Note they weren’t really useful anyway.

Would be better (for example) if you click on “discussions started” it would actually list those discussions like the old forum
Where I could easily find my posts & replies.

@Sundance @oneida_books do y’all think it’s a glitch, or that there’s a purpose? :thinking:

I lean toward glitch. Probably them trying to add in the 3rd level of doxing - Marketplace StoreName.

I could see that as how my OSFE profile could bring up the NSFE posts.

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The whole NSFE is a glitch.

Amazon has no idea how it works


Amazon: We are making arbitrary and poorly thought out changes to the forum.
Obi Wan: Uhhhh bad idea.
Amazon: Hush you, it will be fine.
Yoda: Hold my beer.

And SAS was born.


As a beta tester of the NSFE It seems we were not actually given the opportunity to Separate our Old Profile from our NEW profile so my activities linked to both profiles.
The Stats did not combine between the two profiles though.
Currently it looks like stats are all 0 for both my profiles over there and that appears to be what happened with everyone over there currently.

Not sure if this is something nefarious or just another glitch.


This is what i see for the old one:


:open_mouth: Ah ha, it is indeed completely zeroed out! I guess I’m “marked inactive”? Or perhaps Amazon FINALLY did what I asked and deleted all content…???

@Roxy @Pepper_Thine_Angus @Tallytony

UPDATE: I did find one post from about a year ago, but otherwise, I’m not sure I exist any more. Or ever. :ghost::business_suit_levitating:

I also discovered that other people might have been searching/trying to keep tabs on a certain undeleted(?) topic. :eyes:


Your posts are still there.

If you are trying to search the net/Google … don’t. It no longer works. ALL posts have the same page title - “Amazon.” I believe this is blocking the spiders/crawlers.