NSFE: 👎 Thumbs down to Christmas

Oneida opened a Merry Christmas thread on NSFE-and every darn one, even w/ the most innocuous of messages, had at least one “thumbs down”,

Is this Grinch-like behavior due to disappointing sales results? The fact 3rd parties are anticipating a worse year in 2024 than 23(remember, if can possibly forget, it’s an election year.). Or we’re all anxious about reverification which began in early March this past year.
Merry Christmas-and if possible, to reduce stress, visit an island w/ no TV or Social Media for the latter six months in 2024!!


No it’s a result of the “kinder and gentler” new forum not being kinder or gentler AT ALL.

I have seen way less niceness on the NSFE then we ever saw snarkness on the OSFE.



A Seller or two have mentioned that they just downvote everything, to protest the downvote option and demonstrate how capricious it is, in a “community” not operating in good faith amongst itself.

I don’t know that I personally agree, and I doubt I would do that myself, but I do understand their point. Sadly, I’m not the intended target for the message.


I thought the mods said that kind of “abuse” would not be allowed or tolerated. Maybe they don’t have a way of tracking it? :thinking:

Not what we were told in BETA. It is tracked and they know who is clicking what. When a post is removed, the associated thumbs up / thumbs down are removed. And we have seen thumbs down just disappear. By not allowing us to know who did the thumbs down and by not showing us which post receives a thumbs down on the notifications, they have created an environment of child’s play and abuse.

That strategy will not work. It just confuses the newbie when solid answers are given and makes Amazon think it is a tool that people like because it is being used. We told our contacts during beta that we would not use it because of the abuse that was going on with it (yea … even in beta there was abuse). If we disagree with a post, we feel it is better to give a verbal reason as to why with validation. If we are not sure on a post, we ask questions for clarity or keep silent and read on … either way we learn.

There was a group of us in beta that tried hard to get things corrected and improvements made. Sadly, we see that most of us have stopped posting as frequent as we use to. Really don’t know why but the saying “you can only bang your head against a wall for so long” does come to mind …


Fixed it for ya!


@TEXASEXILEBOOKS (and @oneida_books), thought this conversation was worth pulling out of the holiday thread.

The NSFE thumbs down abuse was predicted–and preventable.

We warned, they pooh-poohed.

Now they are impotent, both in preventing and tracking this “prohibited” behavior.


Possibilities for the down vote:

  1. Non-Christians opposed to the holiday;
  2. Sellers upset over lackluster sales;
  3. Scrooge has a seller account.
  1. People seeing the post as “off topic”
  2. People don’t like the OP

True story, Once posted a thread warning sellers to enable vacation mode with an impending snow storm that shut down the east coast from Virginia to Maine, was flagged in under an hour as “off topic”. Mods had to restore it multiple times.


If it’s a legitimate user downvoting everything because they’re pissed with Amazon, that’s not abuse.

I don’t think that’s the case here though.

It is misuse of the system. They aren’t disagreeing with the post, yet it is still a downvote. They are trolling. Textbook definition.


This is true. I do have an account but I rarely use a down vote even for my “fans” that still believe that RA and dropshipping are viable options for even gated categories.

I get so many that I just expect them when I post certain items. If they caused bleeding I would have run out of blood a couple years ago…

. . . but, but my Nikes are authentic. I even bought them from the Nike website!

:laughing: Ana