Oh Boy - Captain Morgan

For all my rum loving friends out there. The Captain has made a blunder!

Now in plastic. WTF… New label too. Just bought this today. Might be the last time. Rather not drink from a bottle that’s being eaten away by the alcohol. Not sure what they were thinking. Will do wonders for their brand / sales…

Funny how much smaller it is. Same 1.75L

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I’m so sick of the plastic lobby commercials about how they are spending billions of dollars to make plastic more recyclable and better for our children. There’s NO WAY to make plastic better for our world when it comes to beverage bottles.


I mean, captain morgan’s a fairly cheap brand, but it’s still a bad move to make your brand LOOK cheap. They even made the label artwork crappier/cheaper.

It kinda looks like a cheap, badly made counterfeit bottle tbh.

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Are you telling me I buy cheap liquor? LOL

It tastes good… :yum:

Right now I’m sipping on some Absolut… Another cheap brand… :wink:

Stuff goes quick around here. I am an Amazon seller after all…

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I mix it with Cola so no sense spending the big bucks just to cheapen it up.


There’s the solution right there! :white_check_mark:

Thank You!

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There comes a time when the younger generation asks …

“Why is this in a glass bottle? I thought everything was suppose to be in plastic.”

All the talk about cheap booze made me go look for a response I made to someone complaining about slow sales on Amazon and the response I got to my comment.

Get out your wallets for this one…

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I am so glad I am not drinking any more. Then again I am not drinking any less either. :man_shrugging:

Haha, I read that last night and almost accidentally liked it…

Still haven’t liked / posted on the NSFE…

ONLY whiskeys made in the US with additional (bourbon-specific requirements) are actually allowed the Bourbon or Straight Bourbon labels.

And to whiskey/bourbon aficionados, only Kentucky Bourbon counts (which is, like, 95% of all Bourbons anyway).

As such an aficionado–by nature and nurture–I stick to the Js:

  • Whiskey: Jack Daniels (“Tennessee Whiskey,” near-Bourbon)
  • Bourbon (whiskey distilled in KY under bourbon specs): Jim Beam
  • Scotch whisky (distilled in Scotland): Johnnie Walker
  • Irish whiskey (distilled in Ireland): Jameson

I will accept Crown (Canadian whiskey) as a mixer.

And for nice sweet sipping liquer, Tennessee’s own Sweet Lucy blend from Prichard’s south of Nashville is :woman_cook::kissing_smiling_eyes::relieved:.

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I have found that I prefer ryes and this is a local Indiana (very local to me less than 10 min away) I enjoy.
I have the cask strength version (117 and 123 proof) of these:


From an environmental view, plastic bottles are a bit of a conundrum.

There is, as you mention, the major factor of disposal; even if it is recycled (which most isn’t), plastic can only be made into inferior products; unlike glass, you can’t make another bottle.

OTOH, despite being made from petroleum, the fossil fuel input for making a plastic liquor bottle is much lower than making a glass one. Add in the great reduction in transportation weight, and the difference is quite significant.
I might be mis-remembering some numbers, but for trucking, weight, not volume, is the limiting factor for spirits/wine shipping. A normal load for an 18-wheeler tops out at about 1200 cases. But if it’s all plastic bottles, that number jumps to right around 1500 cases.

Add it all together, and there are many pluses for the environment for plastic; how they balance out is harder to determine.

But I’ll add; on a recent trip walking back from the liquor store, when I stepped on a twig and tripped, I was quite glad that my rum was in a plastic bottle!

I got to try the Pappy 20 (not the 23) years ago, when it was actually hard to sell, at around $120. I was not impressed in the least. I thought it was far inferior to something such as Blanton’s, which was less than half the price (although the style is quite different).

I’ll disagree with the comment that only Kentucky Bourbons count; there are some great craft Bourbons produced in other parts of the country, with NY being some of the best IMO. If you ever get the chance to try Hillrock, don’t pass it up (although I can’t bring myself to spend the >$100 for a bottle).

And as @jobcrafts points out, there are great rye whiskies coming from the MGP distillery in Indiana; sold under a great number of different labels.

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I love plastic for almost everything, as it’s cheap, lightweight, and durable.

One of the exceptions I have for this is alcohol. As ASV said, alcohol is corrosive and it eats away at the plastic. Not exactly great to consume. Plastic is also bad for anything that gets hot. Ever leave a plastic water bottle in your car for a while then try to drink it?

If you’re going somewhere, you can transfer liquor into a plastic bottle right before you go, that way it’s not sitting there for months leeching plastic into it.


Ok fine, I’ll accept your challenge to send me many local non-Kentucky bourbons to sample and compare.

For science. :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And pickles or anything pickled or acidic. You can’t win with OJ anymore. It’s either a plastic lined carton or plastic.

Yes, these things are considered safe but so was smoking and asbestos once upon a time, not necessarily together…

We used to play with mercury on our discz et skuull ell tha tine ens et hed nu eficttttttt un uz…

I remember when I was a kid playing with mercury on the occasion that a thermometer broke. It was fun and it happened a few times. For some reason I can’t remember how many or where this occurred. :laughing:

Does anyone else have toes that glow in the dark?