POLL: [Business Insider] Threads and other new apps frustrate overwhelmed social media managers

:thinking: Do you handle your products’/store’s social media?

Threads and other new apps frustrate overwhelmed social media managers

New social-networking apps rivaling Twitter seem to be emerging almost every day, and it’s taking its toll on workers in the industry. With the launch of Meta’s Threads and Black Twitter’s migration to the Spill app, social media managers say they’re overwhelmed by all the new platforms.

:question: WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA DOES YOUR STORE POST TO? For advertising, engagement, or troubleshooting. Check all that apply.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • SnapChat
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Telegram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
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What happen to the None box?

{{{ Feeling excluded from the voting process … :thinking: }}}


None. We advertise on NONE of the platforms for the following reasons.

  1. We do not want people calling/contacting us outside of email. It is a waste of operational time and we are better served by taking the L on the negative reviews/feedback/returns than the time wasted explaining to an amateur how to use an item requiring training. This is also why we have decided to use another separate company to sell on Ebay, as we have found users of that platform to be less technical savvy and more “thrifty” resulting in excessive time spent on customer service per order.
  2. We do not want employees/managers/owners to accidentally or intentionally put their foot in our collective mouth because with over 20 employees/owners over 3 companies, the chances someone will dork up a comment is high, and we all come from different lives and ideologies, and no one comment can represent the collective ideology.
  3. One company sells a line of trailer hitches and considered adds on Tinder/Grindr/etc. because we believe in “a good safe hook up”, but several others in the company considered that uncouth so that idea went into the bin.

If consumers/potential customers think that we are not worthy of their business because we did not type “hopes and prayers” into a twitter feed after a tragedy, they need us more than we need them.


That was a GENUS marketing idea! I understand why you wouldn’t go with it, but whoever came up with that deserves credit for thinking outside the box!


This was the same retired USMC member of our company who created and founded our feedback valuation policy.

“Do you normally give value to the opinion of someone you don’t respect?” (a question asked by them, after receiving a hit and run unwarranted feedback- while drinking a beer)

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You really had to be there to get the more impressive context of the situation, they were watching a game on one of the big TV’s at the nearby brewery after work, and he overheard the conversation of several of us whining about the feedback. Without putting their beer down or even looking away from the screen, they just said “Do you normally give value to the opinion of someone you don’t respect?" over the words of everyone else. Like the silence when the Pope steps up to the podium, retired 0-5’s thru E-6’s all went silent to absorb the words of this grizzled warrior.


Add me to the ‘none’ group.


I selected a few options but I don’t really use them. If I had more time I would……maybe.

The thing is is that if you have a product that supplies a solution then people seeking the solution should find your product and most people looking for solutions are probably googling. So if I was going to invest any amount of extra time I think it would be to learn google seo.

I used to use Instagram a lot and every time I would post I would get a new follower or two and some likes. Then I stupidly switched my account from personal to business to “access metrics” and my engagement disappeared. So I kind of gave up on that.

Pinterest was really huge for awhile but I’m not sure people really use it anymore. So many of my personal pins I saved disappeared as people close blogs or whatever. I honestly never hear my mommy friends talk about Pinterest anymore and it was huge in my mommy world when it came out. So I quit doing that too.

As far as Reddit well I guess I just have my business name as my profile and post in the Etsy threads every once in awhile, mostly what I do here.

I’m just not a social media person personally and so maybe that is why it is not such a priority for my business? I’ve had what I think is good success not doing social media.

Now I will try new platforms just because you really do need to be in the beginning if your going to stand out. Threads I don’t see the point for me since I didn’t use Twitter as my products really need to be seen visually.

In the bigger picture it seems for big companies it seems like social media is more of a liability then an asset. Most people already are brand loyal and seeing social media posts probably won’t increase that loyalty but seeing something they don’t like will decrease loyalty so that is a risk. Best to remain neutral I suppose.


Other = None for us

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:+1: … it has always paid dividends for us.


:arrow_up: This. I don’t use social media personally either. I already don’t have enough time to handle all the things the business requires, so there’s no room for anything else on the plate, even if I did have interest in social media. Which I don’t, so… :woman_shrugging:


I think the small companies that can be successful on social media also share all their personal stuff as well. I’ve seen lots of people cheering on small businesses on social media because they support the person. I just can’t be social like that. I don’t want people following me or knowing my business. I so rarely if ever even talk about my business in person because I just don’t mix the two. If it comes up I just causally say that I have an Etsy shop I mess around with and leave it at that because otherwise then people want me to hold their hands as they want to open their own businesses….and small business isn’t for everyone and I don’t have time to be a coach.

So I can easily see how if you are already a social person that you could influence people and use your personal social skills to promote whatever it is you are selling (it’s almost always an mlm lol).

I look at a lot of my own social media habits and make decisions based upon that. Who knows If it’s right or wrong. I only go looking a company up on social media if I’m looking for a coupon lol.

The few companies I follow on social media Reddit/Instagram is just Trader Joe’s and Costco because these are companies that are always pushing new products and neither of them even pay for advertising. It’s not even the companies it’s self running the social media. It’s happy customers. They let their products and how they sell their seasonal products and people talking about this to gain traction.

Really comes down to what are you selling, and how are you selling it and then do you need to promote it and if so where does your target demographic hang out. Everyone has their favorite scrolling time sink and different types gravitate to different programs and you just need to know who is using what and how and if it’s right for you and your business.


Exactly, thank you!

…and @Lost_My_Marbles @VTR @Roxy

I agree, but I am in my 40s. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re a youngster. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh goody I am still a youngster too :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:

Watch out, now - we oldsters can always find chores for the young’uns to perform…



We will second this … :slightly_smiling_face:


Snap is where it’s at right now from what I am hearing. We haven’t gone there for obvious reasons (PCP) but thinking about it. If they are gonna use us, why not use them…

Snap made Magnesium Glycinate from what I am hearing - $100M+ a year on Amazon…

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I do post to “social media”, but some platforms more than others.
I primarily post to Instagram, and that is mostly as a “portfolio” of completed things. I don’t make reels, use filters, rarely post stories, or whatever “new” thing.

I’m a “nerd” engineer and so I struggle being “engaging”. I’d rather just make something than spend additional hours “documenting” what it is that I am making. I’m not social enough for the media.

Threads being in its infancy is more social at the moment than others, but that will change once advertising takes over and posters game the “algorithm”.


Yeah me too.

Problem with ads is they are Pay per click.
I used to use this to my advantage back in the days of google ads. When I was at work I would spend a few hours clicking on ads on my website to generate revenue, Because I could go to multiple locations I never got caught.