Poll - Report hijacking seller?

I really want to report this seller but am afraid that my account and offer will get tied up in the accusation and I will be caught up in an even bigger mess and my product won’t be available for days, weeks, months?? I have repeat buyers, I don’t want any to think the product is gone.

Here’s the story so far -

Yesterday a seller hijacked my page and filed a trademark IP Violation against me because my offer didn’t match the page they stole, (that’s a lot of nerve!).

Account Health removed the violation. The catalog team fixed the page. This morning I received the Acct Health email verifying that the violation has been cleared and instructions to reactivate the listing. But I was blocked:
Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 09-33-27 Does your account qualify
The true product is not ‘used’ health & personal care, the hijacker’s product is H&PC.
They have regained control of the ASIN again.
Catalog rep yesterday said they had used a variation tactic.

I’m about to contact Catalog again.
I really shouldn’t have to report this seller, with all the documentation Amazon has it should be automatic that the seller is in violation and Account Health should suspend them for what they did without me taking additional steps.

What are the odds that reporting this seller will backfire on me, my account, and tie up my offer?


not sure that this applies to you – but years ago, when I was reporting a hijacker, I was doing it wrong. Over in the brand page or seller central portal, I was using that to report someone, only I missed a step. At the very end, there were three dots and I should have used those and reported only them.

The way I was doing it, I was reporting “everybody” – when I owned the brand and trademark. I don’t have access to those screens – or rather I haven’t been there in a really long time to go back and screenshot what I’m talking about.

Hopefully this is clear? as mud…you guys are much more experienced than I am


Just to be clear this is your brand and you created the listing yes?

If so once you gain control back there may be a better way than just reporting the seller.

Currently, it seems you don’t have access to selling so definitely contact brand registry and catalogue and show them screen shots of the numerous sales you’ve made from your orders page.


Ignore that part. Many sellers get confused on the statement.

All … IF the page was actually right … you would have to do is “Request Approval.”

Since the page isn’t right though, yes I’d do it all again.

Just be careful on how you do it and read everything closely if it’s published.

It sounds like you did it right last time though …


I do not own the brand. I have exclusive rights from the brand owner and want to look into registering the brand, I believe I can do so with documentation of the brand owner’s consent. I need to sort that out yet.

So Brand Registry is not an available resource for me.
Yesterday I requested a call back from Account Health, explained the hijacking and provided them proof that the true ASIN product was not in violation. They were very helpful and initiated the process to void the violation.

AH told me to have Catalog fix the page. They were very helpful also and did fix the page.

This morning it was deja vu - except I have not been accused of a violation again.

Based on my experience yesterday I am confident I can get the page fixed again.

It just burns me to let this fraudulent seller skate on it. They should be reported but I don’t want to cause myself a bigger problem by doing so.

I’m wondering if there is any recent experience of reporting bad sellers that went smoothly or if there are still problems. I did read quite a while ago on the OSFE of collateral damage caused by reporting.

  1. Fix viz a viz catalog

  2. Once you have full access to the listing

  3. And if in case the hijacker jumps on the listing to steal the buybox or remains there for whatever reason - do an immediate purchase through a seperate from your seller central email buyer account (retail prime account)

  4. Only once you received the test buy item (physically on hand) you can report it through seller central for violating ip. You will have to demonstrate the differences obviously.

  5. However, you can also report the fake item through your retail buyer account - stating things like you spoke to original seller and this fake item is not warrantied and is not even the same showing proof - they take retail complaints far more seriously. I would do it from multiple retail accounts which are not related to your seller central nor your retail prime account. This step has stopped any hijackers on my listings for the past ~ year - however my brand is registered - which again is a separate issue. I haven’t seen anyone mention this besides me on the OSFE but I can’t find that post.

Let me know if you need any clarification.


Ok finally found it

Test Buys


Your odds of winning against a crafty hijacker / blackhat are slim to none.

Some of you know about the bullshit I have been dealing with in terms of the Wuhan seller / listing recycler from the last few months.

Amazon’s final decision was to allow them to continue selling and let them go forward with the listing that was recycled a well documented 4 times.

SAS manager is appalled by Amazon’s decision but there is precisely and exactly nothing that can be done.

I told my SAS manager that we will be recycling a listing in the near future because it’s OK to do.

AMAZON SUCKS! Cheaters WIN - It only matters where the money comes from. If a decision needs to be made by Amazon in 2023 that could potentially reduce their sales, they will side on the side of $.

Sad but very very true.


Bruh what about the ingredients and the fact that wuhan seller is selling unprovenanced shit from wuhan and falsely claiming its made in the USA? WTF!!!

I honestly believe if they get enough buyer complaints about said seller and said brands - amazon will shut them down

Amazon doesn’t care. Seller does $30M a year. That’s much more important than the law.


Never going to happen. This seller has found a way to ZAP reviews they don’t like at will.

Just because the package doesn’t say where it’s made, doesn’t mean it’s not made in the US.

People who buy supplements from brands they never heard of don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together.

They aren’t going to complain.

It’s all about the Benjamins baby.


They need that nootropics from wuhan :stuck_out_tongue:

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Except their item matches the page they replaced mine with. They are not selling a counterfeit version or stealing the buy box, they took over the whole page for a different item entirely. They hijacked a grocery item page to sell a Health & Beauty item - a nebulizer. And they have the products in FBA.

And I do not own the IP for the grocery item.

I hate using a heart to comment because I do not like what you are going through; but it is all I have (Firefox update killed the other reaction emojis for me).

No worries. My mind is still on the OSFE which was hearts only.

Back to the Murdaugh trial… Riviting. TTYL

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Yes it is.

  1. ugh so essentially you have to revert the listing back to original grocery.

  2. then still report the seller if they happen to be on the sellers list for selling materially different item

  3. then also report the seller for selling a materially different item from buyer account

I mean it still applies since they are changing the very nature of the listing - but its a pain because you’re not the ip holder.


When the listing page was fixed - briefly - the fraud seller did not have an offer on it.

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