Problem Type: Barcode Cannot Be Scanned (Shipping Performance)

This is a first. After sending maybe 60k-100k units over the years, i got an alert from the Inbound Performance Dashboard.

Barcode Cannot Be Scanned.

While it would be strange for a few, it says 12 units are experiencing the issue, which means two entire parcels of 6 each. The odds of this are nill, since we check at packaging and then check again at shipping out.

Unless these things got cooked and the labels changed, I have no idea how this could happen. (we do thermal labels)

It needs me to “resolve” it by taking a quiz.

Anybody had this happen before?


Thermal or thermal transfer labels.

If thermal transfer it could be a defective print head.

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I wish they’d take a picture. It would have to be very minimal for us not to notice at least it looking smudged or out of order.

I’ve done the “Acknowledgment”, now not sure what they do with the units.


They just relabel them, the new automated scanners are finicky. We can have shipments go with 1000 + units and 12 will come back can’t be scanned. Certain warehouses have more issues than others.

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They will take a picture if you dispute it. Dispute it!

This happens all the time to us. We dispute every single one of them and win most.

It’s Amazon’s newish belt scanners on the receiving line. They suck and they know it but guess who pays the price…?

They claim that our labels are too reflective. OK, I’ll buy that for a dollar. When this first started happening in Nov of 2021, we threw out 50K labels (product labels, because our FNSKU’s are part of our trade dress). Wasn’t cheap.

Went back to our printer, had them make custom plates so the barcode area wouldn’t have the standard UV coating used on all consumer goods applied to the barcode area. We thought that was that. NOPE… It continues to happen.

It got to the point that we needed to have a “coaching call” with Amazon about it. The person (US based), agreed with us and dropped the violation. They told us to keep disputing it and ask for it to be whitelisted referencing the case # and those requests have continued to be rejected.

We will send in 6000 units and have 12 units that don’t scan. Right… 12 out of 6,000 labels, all identical and printed by a best in class printer don’t scan.

They will take a picture and send it to us. The â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  picture of the label scans!!! I even tried scanning it with an old iPhone 4 that I have and that worked.

So you’re telling me that your awesome state of the art scanners can’t scan this label but I can scan a picture of a label you say doesn’t scan??? Right Amazon, sure…

Long story short - DISPUTE IT…

I don’t understand how sellers that use a MFG barcode don’t have this issue constantly. Every CPG product label has either a clear plastic wrap over the packaging OR a UV finish. It’s amazing that Amazon can dictate how your product is made, even if every product is made the same way for the last 40 years. Those same products scan literally everywhere else but Amazon’s state of the art logistics centers.

Don’t get me started. My blood literally boils every time we get a “SHIPPING PROBLEM” email.


■■■■, i think i just “acknowledged” it and now Problem States is at “acknowledged”

We have a 0.09% problem rate now for the month so not entirely concerned. but if you think disputing is worth it, I have no issue making them work a bit. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be either but keep in mind that this instance will stick around for 120 days. Subsequent “violations” will stack on top.

Alright, if another takes place on this next one I’ll start disputing.

I sort of rushed in the acknowledgment just to see what Amazon would do next.

Never rush until you hear from me first. :laughing:

If something can go wrong on Amazon, we’ve been there and done that.


true story

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Moved to Shipping to Amazon, added fba

You could have disputed and requested images. We have done this for their bogus “reflective label” policy violation. Problem is we don’t have labels we print directly on the product which has no such requirement as everything is reflective at some point.

Always dispute even when you mess up. If they cannot prove it, you get a message like this…


We always dispute. I’d say we win about 75% of the time. If we lose then we try and appeal by sending an image of the item with the UPC on it. If that still doesn’t work we will take the hit - which is usually bogus.

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We feel your pain on that bogus 25%.





This stupid system is just that. Started with us in Nov of 2019 and we’ve never been “Shipment Problem” free since then (120 day window).

My blood literally boils out of my skin when I get one of those emails (got one yesterday).

I was looking like a “House of Wax” character yesterday…

Again… Always dispute in the future.

“surfaced” :roll_eyes:

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They seem to “surface” a problem on every other shipment.

REMEMBER - When this happens, and it doesn’t get dismissed, they send a picture of the barcode that doesn’t scan. That picture is taken on a filthy work surface (very classy), and it is normally a little blurry.

When we scan that blurry picture, IT SCANS… Pls tell me how a blurry picture of a barcode scans but the actual product doesn’t? :man_shrugging:

Amazon has some nerve. Drives me nuts, this â– â– â– â– .

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It took 7 back and forths with either idiots or bots to get the “issue” of an Amazon Partnered Carrier not providing tracking information.

Hey moron at Amazon, be smarter than the moron who was too lazy/incompetent to know a seller can’t add tracking info for APC shipments.

Pure intentional ineptitude.

Yet another example of what happens when you dispute Amazon’s games. Just got this.

I reiterate with peace and love - never acknowledge Amazon’s BS if you know you did nothing wrong.