Questions about the "re-verification" email / questions


I have some questions about the information Amazon is asking for, I have read all the similar forums and can not seem to find any clear answers.

I appreciate any and all information and help…

First I want to point out that we are a professional business account with a registered LLC as our legal entity.

Our first question is when it comes down to bank statements which is a DBA LLC business account, the name matches exactly AND the address is the same expect for the abbreviation STE “Suite” is not on the bank statement. (just the suite number) example below…
123 COTTAGE WAY, STE G2 #10990 this is how our Legal Entity shows on Amazon BUT
123 COTTAGE WAY, G2 #10990 is what the bank statement shows
We have asked all we can for BOA to change but the system does not want to update the word suite or abbreviation.

Our second question is, they are asking for residential address BUT we do not have any residential address in our Amazon seller account. Because the address on my drivers license is not on my amazon account anywhere at all, I am thinking we should NOT put my DL address but not sure what address we should put as the residential address…

Our account is a professional business account which is under our LLC, we have never put our residential address from our drivers license on our Amazon account specifically to keep business and personal information separated.

Thank You


First off … welcome to SAS …

This topic has been discussed pretty through with the following thread.

Just an FYI on all the account reverifications, and why

If after reviewing and you still have questions, please ask.

Probably not an issue. Our name had full middle name but bank statement had middle initial and we got through.

You are matching your Legal Entity (same info that is on your 1099K) to the documents you send in. Your drivers license establishes that you are you so the address doesn’t have to match the business and bank address. If your account is in the LLC name, you are verifying that you own are in control and are the person who is on the business documents (business license or the papers that established the LLC and shows you are the LLC owner).


We just got through re-verification this weekend. I was dreading it. Submitted info Thursday or Friday and by Monday morning no more notice on our account. One process that happened quickly.


Thank you for the welcome and quick reply…

I have read that thread thoroughly and still had these questions but just to clarify.

You think I should be okay with the differences between the addresses are one has STE and the other does not?

Also in regards to the second part of my question, what address do you think I should put for the residential address?


Residential address should match the ID you provided for the account.

I made a mistake when I entered my city (my zip has 2 cities connected to it). One of my businesses is registered to my home address. I choose the other city name (not the one on my DL or Passport because I liked it better and that’s the one I put in for residential and I got through the verification.

Something tells me that the re-verification is easier than actually setting up a selling account. Amazon is doing everything they possibly can to not lose a single sale or seller at this point.

The verification they are doing now is to satisfy a govt requirement. It’s just a game and they can show they made the effort if anyone ever asks.

Don’t worry about this. Provide as accurate info as possible and you will be fine.


My address that is on my drivers license, is not the address on my seller account but are you saying that does not matter?


There should be 2 addresses on your seller account.

  1. The address where your business is registered.
  2. The address of the primary account holder, which I assume is you.

They can or cannot be the same address. It all depends on what address your business is registered to.

Amazon asks 2 questions:

  1. The address your business is registered to. This is verified with CC, Bank, or EIN statement.
  2. The address where the primary account holder lives (residential address). This is verified with either a Passport or Drivers License.

If you’re all buttoned up and your documentation matches up, this shouldn’t be an issue.


Thank for the information but on our Amazon professional seller account there is no spot that says primary account holder address…

There is - Business Address and Phone Number
There is - Official Registered Address
There is - Legal entity
There is - Return Address

All of which is under the “Business Information”

That is where I am confused…

Thank You


see what I mean?


I do see what you mean and I believe every seller sees the same thing you posted here, which I do as well.

Once your personal ID is verified upon account setup, it’s not something that can be changed therefore it’s not displayed. It is a little strange because people do move to smaller houses / apartments after Amazon sucks them dry of every $ they have. :rofl:

Part of the verification process (if Amazon is going beyond your bank account verification), will include a step for the primary account holders info / address / government ID to be verified.


Okay, thanks for the information BUT to be crystal clear, do you think I should put my residential address as the address on my ID? (even though that address is not visible anywhere in my seller account)

Should I add the ID (residential) address to my account? or just leave it as is?

Sorry for all the questions, I have been selling on Amazon for almost 20 years with almost 9000 feedback so its been awhile. :upside_down_face:

Also as of now the “re-verification” does not include a step for the primary account holders info / address / government ID to be verified.


Hi @PreciousInvestments, I’m glad to see you found us here. I try to get folks here as often as I can.

When I did my verification, they did not ask for an address separately, but for personal ID. I sent a jpg of my driver’s license which of course has my residential address on it. Which is the same as when I started my account. It all went through fine.


Thank you for the warm welcome! Did the address on your ID match the address on your Amazon account?


Yes it did. But my Legal Entity (the important one to match) at Amazon is the business name, which matched my business license, with no separate address there. I think even with business info, they want to verify the human, thus they sometimes accept passports, etc. which would have no connection to your business, just you.

Have you tried the verification? Mine was literally boxes to attach a few documents, never asked for addresses or anything.

Good luck.


It’s amazing that everyone is having such varying experiences with the same verification…

This is crazy. When I did it, it asked for all my information and then prompted for the ID upload. Also did this when the account was created in 2018.

This should only match if your business is registered to the address on your ID (residential address).

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I’m wondering if this could be because when I signed up in 1999(?) we did not have the same hoops to jump through. I don’t remember uploading any kind of documents at all when I signed up. Not one.

It’s not “amazing” that people are experiencing things so differently, it’s “Amazon.” :upside_down_face:


Same experience, although a few years older account. I am suspecting, Amazon is either ensuring that they have a real person to give up (to Law Enforcement or a mob of customers with lawyers if a product gets into legal trouble.

Or they think that their bad actor bot failed and too many closed accounts somehow managed to just open another after getting shuttered. Remember awhile back there were a bunch of OFSE posts about offers to buy established accounts? I’m just thinking…


You have been on Amazon longer than I have been! I do wonder if there is any credit given during the re-verification process to those of us who have been selling on Amazon for 10-20+ years.

I expected to experience the nastiness from Amazon many new sellers have encountered and was pleasantly surprised to be approved with documents that did not quite match exactly.

Might it have helped some of us to have been sellers from the US or other English-speaking countries?

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This is the will be the account holder person and address (may or may not be same as business address) … verification will be drivers license / passport, SS# or EIN … both name and SS# / EIN will be on 1099K

This is the official business name and address (on business license or in the legal papers that set the business up … like for LLC) … verification is bank statement

This is where the business operation is at … the warehouse operation or B&M place of business … verification could be bank statement also.

This is where you want your returns sent to (could be warehouse or secondary warehouse or PO Box).


Thank for the reply BUT in regards to the Legal entity, our seller account is under a business name and address NOT the account holder person or address.

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