Really Amazon.....

This is for my NON-SAS managed account.

Putting me through this horse ■■■■ on a Saturday for what exact reason? 4+ years at this without a single issue and time to jump through some more hoops. But let the black hats do whatever the ■■■■ they want. Right…


Sorry but this is now SOP. It is your turn.

There are an increasing number of sellers who are ignoring the message because Amazon is no longer an important part of their business model.

Hard to say if that is good or bad for those sellers or for Amazon.

You should have a pretty thick skin by now.


Indeed, but not on Saturday’s. :wink:

If you don’t do it, you don’t get paid. We have a payment coming this week which I would like to have in my bank account.

Amazon should use their big AI brains and send these things out the day after the payment cycle to give sellers time to react. Of course they probably do the opposite so they can hold onto our money a little longer.


With interest rates up it is almost worth holding on to your money.

Expect more of this behavior, everywhere,


I have had the banner for over a month, and there has been no disruption to sales or disbursements; (I have received 2 transfers so far).
A seller has 60 days to get this done. I’ve been waiting on my new driver’s license.

However, if you start the verification and upload docs that are not accepted, then the account will go into limbo until verified.

If I don’t respond within 60 days, I would imagine my account will then be deactivated.


At least you saw the banner. I had no sales for 4 days before I got the e-mail and the banner notification.

Must have been lucky for you, apparently all my listings got suspended for 4 days before they notified me. The only good thing is that I was verified within 24 hours so I only lost 5 days of sales.

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Wow, that is terrible. I would assume Amazon would give sellers enough time (60 days) to get all their paperwork in order. Maybe we did get lucky, but I haven’t seen any posts from other sellers that this happened to. There was a post from a Canadian seller who started verification, and this happened; all their listings were suspended, and FBA inventory was moved to stranded :thinking:


You know what’s really amazingly stupid…???

There are all those stupid widgets for the home page but they don’t put this there for some reason. There’s one for an Emergency Phone number that pops up even if you already have multiple numbers in place. But if your account is about to go dark because of a stupid re-verification - Yea, that’s not important.

It doesn’t even show under Account Health…!!! You need to go to account info which there is zero reason to go to.

Very poorly executed but who’s really surprised


I have posted (and left feedback) about this numerous times; surely that is IMPORTANT and should be under the Actions widget or even have its own box!!

I don’t understand at all why this banner isn’t under Account Health; it makes no sense.
Account Health is always where Amazon posts verification/account info. :person_facepalming:


It’s also the place that we have been trained to check obsessively.

Does Amazon not want sellers?

I see there is a flood of threads on the NSFE about the re-verification so a barrage of them must have gone out on Friday night when we got ours. Great idea to send that on a Friday. Feels like a Monday morning thing to me but what do I know.


Sending them out, making announcements, or major changes on a Friday is just plain wrong and idiotic.

Amazon knows that there are going to be issues and questions, so I don’t know why they do it, but who knows why they do half the things they do?


The process is pretty straight forward. If you got an account up and running, the same things will get you reverified. Of course we are still waiting on the “all clear” so we shall see…

Hopefully this process will get rid of at least 1 bad seller. That will almost make the aggravation worth it.

It sure would be nice if Amazon could just have the slightest bit of courtesy and send out these administration type things during the work week.


I got mine yesterday too. Happy Saturday.


My first account deactivation was on Christmas Eve in 2008 or 2009.

I was reinstated on Boxing Day.

Amazon workers and bots are not in our time zone, or on our planet.

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I didn’t get one for my other account. That one concerns me a bit because how we have that biz set up at my partner’s parents place…

I’ve already got the ASV biz setup at my home and we couldn’t use my partner’s business address for the manufacturing because he needs to keep this other business at arms length for the FDA. It’s complicated.

I don’t have the business license for that business, he does and he’s in TN right now on a 2 week meditation / yoga retreat where they take your electronic devices for the full 14 days. Zero communication with the outside world.

Must be nice to do things like that regularly like he does…

I’ll make sure to get the license from him when he gets back JIC.


Long thread here started by @oneida_books

Agree, so frustrating dealing with this on weekends. I typically delegate the issue, but my team only works M-F. I do work half days all week. Any 12 hour period I pick, each and everyday.


It said that to me as well, however, listings and sales went on as usual while they did their thing


Ours is done / verified. Weird that Amazon doesn’t have the time to create a message for accounts that are re-verified with this making it sound like I just signed up even though we have been selling since 2018.



Consider it a new lease on Amazon life? … :wink: :rofl::rofl:

(We got a chuckle out of it when we got our special email too.)


I got a bigger chuckle out of this email from Amazon. Looks like the person they choose for the piece is laughing at it too.