Really changing the subject of the sold e-mails

Well, if someone wants that then they shouldn’t be an Amazon seller.

I would say 75% of the work I do is to do things to make my business suit Amazon’s requirements and needs.


No. They should not be the same sort of seller that you are.

There’s room on the planet for more than one type of business.


Fact is if you’re an Amazon seller then Amazon dictates at least part of how you run your business. If they demand documents, you provide documents. If they change something that you don’t like, you just have to deal with it because it’s not like they care about seller feedback.

Running your business as you see fit and being an Amazon seller isn’t reality unless you happen to run your business in a way that lines up perfectly with Amazon’s requirements. If you don’t deal with all the problems Amazon throws your way you’ll constantly have suspended ASINs or a suspended account.

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I am merely stating that someone who does not see eye to eye with you regarding email treatment is not necessarily disqualified.


@bookwormapril is, of course, correct. We all have different ways of operating, and blanket statements about how we use, receive, interpret or respond to Amazon communications – or in what form – are counterproductive. A process or workflow that works for one business may not work another, and everyone on this forum would be well advised to remember and respect that fact.


Thank you for the reminder, @Bird_of_Paradise.

Putting on my modmin hat to remind all users to start all replies from a place of professional respect and helpfulness towards each other.

There is no one right way to run an ecommerce business.


Wait - what?

Are you saying that all of the SocMed gurus who purport otherwise are full of sh¡t & shinola?



Well said.


Be darned.

My latest message has reverted to previous format for the subject line.
Apparently I can assume that no action is required? :wink:


I’ve seen several reports of this reversion over the last few days, in both the NSFE and related discussion venues.

I wonder if Amazon realized that being Aesop’s ‘the boy who called wolf’ is a poor approach…

So glad I was not the only one triggered by the “Disbursement Attempted” and “Action Required” emails. This makes me want to disable all sale notification emails just so I don’t have to be reminded of this new wording that reeks of AI “improving” the seller experience.


I believe that would require at least a small amount of rational thought or other cognitive abilities.

In other words, NOT likely…


Given their proclivity for refusing to acknowledge the obvious, I think not. I still remember trying to convince them a Light bar for emergency vehicles is not a pesticide and the only danger they present to insects is at 55 MPH should they fly into them.