Remove Expiration Date on Inventory

When sending our compostable bags, we typically put an expiration date of 1 year on the Send to Amazon page every time we send in. This seems easy to hit, as we roll through our entire inventory send every 6 weeks. So there should be no chance of ever catching up to the inventory.

But today we randomly found out we were SOLD OUT, because 130 of our units were removed as expired and have to have a Removal Order. There is no way they should be expired, so not sure what happened.

Since I don’t really need to worry about expiration due to our turnover – I only liked it because I thought it made sure to send the older product first – how do I shut off the expiration feature for the ASIN?


Every US product must have an expiration date, or shelf life, established by the manufacturer. It’s a legal thing. You can always test your product and establish a new shelf life of say five years (not more than ten). Then submit a request to Amazon Seller Support to have the expiration removed and shelf life added.


@casbboy Some Sellers on the OSFE reported using SKUs to track batch expiries/shelf life deadlines for their products and then removing any soon-to-be-expired products before Amazon did. Just a tip to add to @SawleMill 's.


ok, off all my products, only one requires I put an expiration when I send to Amazon. None of my other ASINs have this, not even the other variations of this product.

Why does one have a an expiration box and the rest don’t?

I’m not worried about pulling them in time, as we turn over our entire inventory of them 6x over before I am even concerned about them expiring on the shelves. I just don’t want a mishap where Amazon sends 100s back thinking they are expired, like what’s happening now.

I’m just going to say 3 years, but would prefer not having an expiration option altogether.

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In grocery there are two questions regarding expiration.

On the Vital Info tab:

and on the More Details tab:

If the ‘Is Product Expirable’ value is Yes or True, then the Type will be required.

One of the Type options is shelf life when creating the listing. It is not showing me options on edit, but maybe it will allow you to write it in?

I don’t know if changes to these settings will hold, never tried it.

I use the sku method to track dates. Each new date gets a new sku that has the date in it so I can monitor the time left. If I have 2 skus for the same product and an older sku is getting close I drop the price on that one to get them sold first.