RIP ? Old forum bookmarks

Maybe I am the last to realize – but my old forum bookmarks no longer work.

I know I tested them earlier in the new forum and they still worked. But not now.

Does anyone know if the URLs can be dissected to find the old threads? Or are they just plain gone even with a correct address?

I had a thread with instructions for placing a claim with UPS for those sellers who are the victim of UPS and Amazon in the mutual finger-pointing/denial answer system.


Dang, you’re right - I had a few bookmarked. INR Spoony Letter, INR SellC - don’t work anymore. :confused:

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We had to use the NSFE search function to find the ones we wanted. It isn’t easy but can be done.

Use Newest
Then Date Range (works best if you know about when the post happened … within a 6 month range)

In the search box, put the title of the thread if you know it or use the topic idea with the OSFE forum name in the post if you know it.

It’s like fishing so you will have to have patience.

If you can provide us with the context of what you are looking for, we could give a helpful try.


I was just hoping there might be a way to dissect the URL to come up with a workable address.

I had bookmarked a thread wherein a seller gave a step by step for recovering from UPS for a lost package. I thought the procedure might be similar for a seller wanting refund for overnight delivery not meeting the delivery deadline. (Recovering from UPS when using Amazon buy-shipping that is). The usual denial / finger pointing – don’t ask us, ask them is all they get.


approximately how old was the post? … year?

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When and if you find it, please consider posting it here in the appropriate pinned category.

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I suspect you might be thinking of the step-by-step tutorial posts (the first was made 12Jun2020 in the OSFE, by one of our fellow SAS members, and several others followed in succeeding weeks & months) in this thread, “How to file a claim directly with UPS for lost packages that are shipped with Amazon prepaid UPS return labels”, now found in the NSFE here:

The tutorial begins with the 6th post displayed (if all of the ‘nested’ replies are left collapsed)


Thanks to Dogtamer, here it is!

(I will put the post link at bottom here)

I have no idea if this really works, or still works, but it certainly is detailed!

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3 years ago

I know the OP already knows the basic info on how to file a claim but here are the complete instructions for when we hire a new employee and they need step by step instructions. ** Most important step is #11 below)
Remember: If UPS asks for the account number it will be the 6 digits after the 1Z in the tracking number. The 1Z###### (where # is the number or letter)

  1. Log into the UPS website using your company UPS login (or create a new one). Make sure your address matches the address used on your UPS labels from Amazon. This is the address you see on the Return Address section on the top left when you print a shipping label.
  2. On the top right is a search box. Search for the word “claims”
  3. The top result will be Claims | UPS Support - United States and just click on that link
  4. Scroll down a little and click Start a Claim
  5. Enter tracking number
  6. Select “I am a 3rd Party”
  7. Select “Package is lost” (or if this is for damages select “package is damaged”)
  8. Fill out all the information
  9. Make sure to upload a copy of the Amazon Packing Slip or invoice
  10. Make sure to upload a PDF of the tracking number results from UPS website tracking
    a. Just search the tracking number on UPS website and click on “Detailed View” then print the page and choose Save As PDF for the print option.
  11. After completing the claim Please Call 1-800-651-2352 (which is for UPS Damages) and ask to be transferred to “Lost Packages to check on a Claim filed”. If this was for damages, then just speak to the rep on the phone but for Lost packages they have a different extension the rep will transfer you to. (I wish they would just give out that phone number to skip this step)
  12. The Rep will ask you some basic info. Remember to state that you are the shipper on file and the package was supposed to be returned to you at your address as this was a return shipment. Or if this was a normal delivery make sure to state you are the shipper and the package was not delivered.
  13. The Rep will ask for the tracking number and will give you basic tracking results.
    a. Just reply “Yes, I am the shipper and this package was not delivered”
  14. The Rep will put you on hold for 1 to 2 minutes while they investigate
  15. The Rep will return and ask for you to provide your email ; full name ; phone number ; company address ; and the tracking number again.
  16. The Rep will email you 3 forms to complete for a check payment to be made.
  17. Make sure to write legibly on their forms. If you do not print clearly the check may not get delivered to the correct address. DO NOT SCREW THIS PART UP WITH BAD HANDWRITING.
  18. Then fax the completed forms back to UPS. You will not be able to email them. For some odd reason you must fax.
  19. Feel free to call the number above every now and then to check the status of the claim (do not rely on the website to provide actual correct claim status updates)
  20. You should receive the check in about 30 days after faxing the completed forms.
  21. Last step: Ask your boss to buy you lunch when you give him/her/they the check payment.

Post link :



It did just occur to me that since I have included the thread titles in the few bookmarks I felt worth saving, I might just be able to google my way to those posts.


your bookmarks don’t have links embedded?

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OSFE link bookmarks no longer work on NSFE.

I never bookmarked anything so I don’t know how that worked…they were not clickable links?

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If you bookmarked a link within OSFE, all your bookmarks disappeared as soon as you were boarded on NSFE.

If you bookmarked a OSFE link in a browser, then it worked up until shortly after the time when the mass migration to NSFE was done (when Amazon disconnected the patch between the two systems that allowed for this to happen).

The information from OSFE is still there … it’s just that it is very hard to find now that the old OSFE links no longer work and you need to find and use the NSFE link that gets to the info.


so do you have one of those old links that don’t work anymore?

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I have many that were originally saved in the Discourse Platform’s URL-construction format which do not redirect in the NSFE’s format (which is why I do as Marbles and others do in finding them again), and some that do.

There’s a reason why I think of the NSFE as abominable (and keep a retch bag close @ hand when I do…).


Can you share one of those links?

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A few of my old saved bookmarks (and I mean browser-saved, not forum saved) still work.

Here is one that does not (just takes you to the main forum page):

The bit from the URL “look inside feature hardcover book” was (I believe) the thread title


I assume this is the one?


Yes, I am sure that must be it.

Not very helpful I guess. Just an explanation that tells folks sorry, you’re sol

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@bookwormapril … FYI … your OSFE link takes us to the NSFE forum home page …
Was @lake 's response the one you wanted to save? (from @Nutty_Nuisance 's link)

@Nutty_Nuisance 's link works

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