SCOBUTY Anti Snoring Device SCAM

Anti Snoring Devise Scam Reviews

I know this happens frequently but I haven’t seen this amount of manipulated reviews under one store/seller in a long time.

The first Storing Device was listed in March and is showing as Amazon’s choice and their other Snoring Device with 1,914 ratings are showing on the first (search) page (400+ purchased in the last month) also has manipulated reviews - (select 'Most recent) to see all the Neg. comments.

The ASIN is B0C3M3NBS9 - Anti Snoring Devices - Amazon’s choice

ASIN B0C69V8NNJ - Ear Plugs for Sleeping Noise Cancelling

Both are stealing reviews from ASIN B00E3J97TE - Organic Orange Bell Pepper (WholeFoods)

The other issue is;
When a customer leaves a negative review, it not only gets posted on the snoring device and Earplug listing but also gets posted on the original ‘Whole Foods Bellpepper’ Listing.

Organic Bell Pepper Reviews - Sellect ‘Most recent’

Almost all the listings under SCOBUTY Storefront are pulling reviews from other listings.

Here a some, not all:… :angry:

ASIN B0BXC1WLT1 - Hair Straightener Cream (Reviews are for combs and hairclips)

ASIN B0C375V7FT - SCOBUTY Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs (Reviews are for a thermal cup and washing machine)

ASIN B0BPX4WXRK - Self Watering Spikes (Reviews are for a dog harness and water bottles)

ASIN B0BWM9BWXQ - SCOBUTY Microcurrent Face Device Roller (Reviews are for disposable coffee cups)

ASIN B0BYVGSB6S - SCOBUTY Bad Breath Treatment for Dogs (Reviews are for a cat carrier and beauty blender)

When you view the storefront SCOBUTY Store 80% of the feedback is negative and because they are FBA they are stricken, granted most of them are Product reviews. As far as I know, Amazon doesn’t move them to the Product/listing so they should ideally have some system in place that can monitor when a seller has excessive strikethroughs (in a certain period) and flag their Accounts for review.

There are pages and pages of them…


Number one reason listings get hijacked is for the reviews. This has been going on for quite some time.

The only way to make Amazon move on something like this is to publicly shame them on their forum. But that only works for that one item. It hasn’t made Amazon proactive in finding a solution or take a broader stance in curbing this behavior.


Which is ridiculous since it’s this “seller’s” entire business model.


Well, I edited @Medic 's title to add SCOBUTY so that at least their SEO takes a hit and maybe some careful consumers can avoid being scammed.

Click the ASIN on a non-mobile browser or go to “desktop view,” to get the REPORT option. Select as below, fill in the optional comments:

…and then do the same for as many ASINs as you want. Very quick to do.


@Medic can you please copy/paste the report directions with image onto the NSFE and indicate that they are from for the OP from papyrophilia, but on a different site? :wink:


Tiff has passed them on for review so we shall see what happens.
Seeing that they are pulling from Whole Foods and also damaging the listing I think they will do something.

I hope they go through all the seller’s offers/listings, usually what happens is they will just remove the reviews and nothing is done to the seller.


Good Idea!! I will come up with some creative wording to ➢ to SAS.


If you get lucky, it would be one offending seller.

Which looks like might happen with Tiff_Amazon’s response.

The way you lined it out is the same way we lined out the hijackers of brands on this old OFSE post
A Plea to The Mods - Brand Hijackers

It works until the Mods get overrun with several listings of the same problem.
:+1: on your efforts … more of us need to do more of this.


Leaving readers to believe the reviewer is stuffing bits of bell pepper into their ears.

No wonder they don’t like the results.


Anti Snoring Device

I just tape my mouth with 3M Micropore Tape when I go to bed. My wife probably wishes I’d wear it during the day :rofl: too.


I find that the sweet mini peppers work the best as ad-hoc ear plugs.

When skeeet, trap, and sporting clays shooting, everyone at Hudson Farms demands nothing but the freshest peppers for competitions.

Snoring? Well, that’s easily solved with the same 12-gauge shotgun used to shoot clays!

[nb: Had to add an “e” to “skeeet”, as with 2 it gets censored. Another term the kids use that I’ve never heard of?]



The Bell Pepper Diet - Cartoon Cuisine Cartoon Cuisine




I’m struggling to figure out how anyone saw a battery powered (known to explode) device on the internet and thought, “I’ve got to get one of these and strap it onto my face before I go to sleep! What a brilliant idea!!”


I’ve followed oi_satisco’s thread - and your exemplary efforts therein, worthy of comparison to those by Rush, Deb, JClee, & Keys in earlier times - from its very inception in April of 2022; I’ve got an archived copy of the full text, and in Q3 found time to cull data from it to make a concise, succinct report to both the CCU & the FTC (highlighting Variation Relationship Abuse in the former case).

To this point, naught but :cricket:s have ensued.



I stand corrected:

Crickets CAN chirp!


In response to a request for comment, an Amazon spokesperson shared the following:

“There’s no place for fraud in Amazon’s store. We have proactive measures in place to prevent listing abuse and we continuously monitor our store. Our policies prohibit reviews abuse including offering incentives like gift cards to write positive reviews. We suspend, ban, and take legal action against those who violate these policies and remove inauthentic reviews,” they said. “Amazon receives millions of reviews every week globally, which are analyzed before publication by our skilled investigators and sophisticated industry-leading tools. More than 99% of products viewed by customers in our stores contain only authentic reviews. Amazon will continue to assist enforcement agencies in holding bad actors accountable, including the FTC.”

What a load of absolute BS!!!
99% of products contain only authentic reviews…are you kidding me!!

Boy would I love to publically dispute that, in just a couple of hours I can find dozens of fake and hijacked reviews. Maybe I should make a video… :movie_camera:

We suspend, ban, and take legal action against those who violate these policies and remove inauthentic reviews…

I’ve seen numerous sellers (especially newly launched accounts) that have been reported for hijacking and blatantly stealing reviews from another listing (some that I have personally reported and tracked) and they are still actively selling. All Amazon does is remove the reviews.



Sale of mouth tape no longer permitted, effective July 31

And here I was thinking you were making a funny…


I had no idea it was an actual thing…


It is apparently a thing. Not sure they needed a policy on it but someone is bored in the legal department!


Me neither!

Over 700 results come up when searching for mouth tape…face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth

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