Second Breakfast - (October 10-11) Prime Big Deals Day

Prime Day Part Deux

I personally missed the last one because I was travelling but got punished big time for not participating so there is that - as far as rank and shyte goes, my take is for high volume sellers, its good to partake in the sacrifice so as not to be punished for being an infidel


“Prime Big Deal Days”

:spiral_calendar: Tuesday and Wednesday, 4 weeks from now

Last year’s October Prime event also had retailers scrambling to initiate markdowns early, undermining the impact of the more traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, according to GlobalData Managing Director Neil Saunders.

“For the wider retail sector, Amazon’s decision is disruptive as it means spend will be pulled forward and the traditional calendar of discounting will be upended,” he said in emailed comments.


The major retailers haven’t figured it out yet: American’s have too short of an attention span to shop for months.
The more they push the Christmas shopping season into November/October and eventually really “Christmas in July” the less hype there is.
As the “shopping season” has happened earlier, there is more burn-out and fatigue.
In the quest to be first, they’ve damaged the “mystique” and the “rush”.


I find this so disturbing.
Could be the state I live in.
“Live Free or Die”

Amazon Prime Days do nothing for us except drive customers away for a few days after the announcement since they think if they wait they will get a deal.


I think an October Prime Day is a great move.

Prime Day is when the cheap Chinese crap in FBA gets its final markdown, and frees Amazon warehouse space for stuff that people might buy for a fair price in the holiday season.

It has never affected me because I don’t sell cheap Chinese crap, or much that is price elastic, and because I buy my cheap Chinese crap elsewhere where it is always cheaper. (Not that I buy much of it).

What doesn’t sell on Prime Day is probably going to a liquidator.

As for early Christmas shopping, there are early Christmas shoppers. Most of my returns each year are from early Christmas shoppers who don’t know what they are buying or find something which they think is a better present after the purchase from me.

I would refer to @ASV_Vites response here. It won’t apply to your business model but for volume sellers of commodities/impulse goods can be used as a ranking strategy.

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I dislike Prime Days.

Very few sales for a two/three days prior-or afterward (admittedly, the 2nd day sales are always much better for us. First day, folks are going for electronics or clothes) Glad we don’t sell shoes!

Convinced since they had the extra one last year would probably have another in 2023. Tells me the summer one was a bust!! And no, we don’t use coupons or ads for what I consider a great-big-pain!.

Years ago, X-mas shopping used to be a joy, part of the fun of the season, which only ran from the day after Thanksgiving. This was in primeval days when the trees, gilt swag of a dozen colors didn’t jostle the pumpkins/Halloween candy. I’m trying to convince my family to go on a cruise instead of X-mas gifts. Already, hear whining " But why at CHRISTMAS, why not summer?".

For me, that’s the whole point!!


“Tomorrow’s” announcement from UK
(nothing official from US yet)

From 10-11th October, Prime members will have access to 48 hours of discounts across many categories.


Cat’s out of the bag for the US Marketplace, as seen this afternoon on the main About Amazon blog:


Seller Tips for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, October 10-11 2023

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FTR, these are Amazon’s shopping “tips” (edited to avoid promoting any specific product):

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  1. Everything with a pinch of salt.

  2. It’s all relative to your niche

  3. If all your competitors are marked down 20% in volume skus, your ranking will suffer and your cpc’s will increase since the trigger for ATC and CVR changes - the frequency and velocity of competitors’ listings increases with the markdowns

  4. Therefore your ranking will suffer - again keeping 2. and 3 above at the fore.

Hope this helps

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Interesting… Will definitely monitor more closely this time to see if it does in fact hurt us… Thanks for the heads up!!


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Gotta say, as a Buyer, I’m seeing real actual deals. One of the reasons that I “add to cart” or “save for later” is to get price change notifications, and they just keep coming!


Are you? Maybe because I’m just not seeing anything I need?

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Just bought two dressers and plastic labels for fabric bins, at actual deal prices (I’ve been watching for a few weeks :eyes:). Arriving Thursday.

Bizarre notification, even more bizarre timing.

Only 36 hours after PBDD started.

(My phone came with the Amazon app. I can’t uninstall it, but it’s been disabled since Day 1. Have never had any other Amazon notification, from Verizon, ever.)

I think if you pay a carrier they’ll push notifications for you. With large enough volume ad buyers.

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