Seller Central Glitch? Blocked from creating new deals (AND MORE)

[mod note: There appears to be a widespread Amazon Seller Central glitch as of 9pm ET Tuesday 28 Nov]

Do me a favor, anyone…

Please go here and check to see if you have the ability to create a new deal (lighting / best deal) for any listing in your portfolio???

We were going to go back to our normal promotional schedule now that BF/CM are over and are blocked from creating any new deals.

Need to know if someone on the inside did this to our account OR if it’s locked for everyone bc we are just coming out of the promo period OR there’s some sort of universal glitch.

Figured I would get a better / faster answer from this community rather than SAS that I pay lots of $ for. :roll_eyes:


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I have dropped to individual, unfortunately for helpfulness at the moment.

I just checked several of our ASINs which have a historical record of running promotions, and none produced recommendations.

I suspect some tinkering is afoot, and that what you’re seeing isn’t account-specific; there’s been a broad variety of chatter in recent days - over in the NSFE, and in certain other discussion venues - which would seem to support such a notion.


Thanks @Dogtamer

To be clear - you are seeing what we’re seeing correct? Nothing at all available?

This may be a product of just coming out of the BF/CM period.

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Yep, every ASIN I checked (admittedly, a small sample size of our catalog) seems to be ineligible.

If this persists tomorrow, I’ll task someone with conducting a deeper dive; @ this point I simply suspect that there’s some post-BF-CM tinkering going on.


TY. This is obviously a universal issue.

Be Well


Yes for us also … nothing … nada … zip (with no ipty do da)




Thanks @maintak
Thanks @Lost_My_Marbles
Thanks @Dogtamer

@papy - You can mark this solved by any of the above.

It’s a glitch. Shocker.


OMG. I didn’t know I was allowed to make lightning deals with the brand waiver. Yes, I can make a deal right now.

It’s allowing you to create a deal right now for the future?

Uh Oh… Maybe it’s not a glitch…

I wouldn’t get too excited about lightening deals. Amazon will charge you $150 and put your deal to start at 1AM and end shortly thereafter. You’ll get no sales and a $150 invoice to pay.

I don’t know anyone who has success with lightening deals ever. We’ve tried a few times over the years. It’s a joke.

Best deals (formerly known as Limited Time Deals) are where it’s at but the item has to sell A LOT to be eligible. Only one of ours is eligible normally, but not now…


Were I a Handmade Artisan, with a Brand Waiver functionality that still worked and aware of what seems to be transpiring on the ‘normal’ SoA (‘Amazonese’ for “Selling on Amazon” aka 3P Seller aka Seller Central) Account-side of things, as is being discussed in this thread, I’d probably be inclined to watch that Deal even more carefully than usual, simply on the score of Handmade seemingly being the last arena of the so-called “SoA Experience” to be forced into a new paradigm by Amazon decisions/actions/initiatives, as recent events over the last year and a ½ starkly illustrate…

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Sorry to get back so late.

I have deals available on all prior eligible ASINS, Namely:

Best Deal

Lightning Deal

But guessing since @Dogtamer doesn’t, it depends on accounts and you’re not being targeted.

Dunno if that helps.

Monday Dec 7th - 11th seems to be the earliest window @ $300

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I think it is a glitch, but I’ll hold off on marking a solution until we know more since it’s not consistent. :thinking:

Don’t run them unless its BF, CM type of sitch.


Prior to the 2Aug`18 Search Conformity Initiative, we were among the group in our Seller Community who could attest to 3 consecutive years’ worth of declining ROI for our initially-profitable foray into Lightning Deals, aka the “Gold Box.”

We shifted to other Promotion options as fast as Amazon added them in it’s ongoing evolution, primarily because me and mine were raised to believe in this hoary old adage:

Once bitten, twice shy.


They’re probably doing AB testing, I’m getting this error on the manage inventory (the most important) page:

Can’t change prices or anything right now…

Seeing the same error here as well. Good Job Amazon…

I assume you are speaking of Lightening Deals in this regard and not Best Deals (LTD’s).

LTD"s are the best of the best for our category. If all of our ASIN’s were eligible, we would always have one running.

The best part about SAS is they will cover 1 deal fee a week, so conceivably, a seller could save $1200 a month on the SAS charge.

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Aren’t you only allowed to run a deal once a month for an ASIN? Presumably you ran as much as you could for black friday, so you shouldn’t have anything eligible for another 3 weeks.