SellersAskSellers is a community--not a sales funnel

Hi and welcome to all SAS members! Just to clarify, SellersAskSellers is a true community and NOT a sales funnel or marketing gimmick.

  • Admins, mods, and staff are all unpaid volunteers. We are all e-comm sellers, but none of us are e-comm consultants, account specialists, or 3P service providers.
  • SAS is not for profit. If at some point we allow optional contributions from members, those funds would all go to operating costs.
  • We do not offer advertising to seller-related businesses and ask that if those businesses are SAS members, that they participate as part of the community rather than trying to gather clients.
  • No self promotion is allowed.
  • We are neither run by nor endorsed by any e-commerce or online retail sales channel.

Please find more information here:


DISCLAIMER: Reposting or linking to the content of an ecom service provider by SAS staff is in no way an endorsement, official or otherwise, of that provider. Neither SAS nor staff are affiliated with or compensated by any provider. Content provided on SAS for informational purposes only.

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