SEO Company

Currently in the market for a decent SEO guy/company.

I have a fair amount of knowledge of the industry but have been out of that game for five or six years.

We don’t have a massive budget (<5k). Hoping one of you might have a decent lead as I personally think vetting SEO companies is the worst/most tedious thing.

amazon or off? - two very different beasts

yah like all things its the worst space along with fitness coaching, amazon gurus and trading experts - I could go on

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What is the website in? Wordpress? If yes, then Yoast.

We started with Wordpress way back at 2.0 and grew with it. We use it for many different types of sites. For our eCommerce we use WooCommerce within Wordpress.

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No experience. But I think a $5k budget should get you someone that offers a lap dance as well. Although I’ve seen folks promise the world with $20-50k budgets but I think they’re all full :poop:

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We run on Magneto.

You would think but I went back and forth with a company for two months and at the end they walked away because they wouldn’t open a contract for less than 7 or 8k.

I was pretty open too. Hey, provide me 20% less service than that lets call it a 5k contract until you prove your not full of IT.

Having personally dealt with a number of SEO companies, as well as “affiliate” marketing. I am of the mindset that 90% of it is all a scam.

PS, if you think affiliate marketing is working for you I can explain how its not.

99% of everything is 50 shades of brown - and I’d love to be an optimist

And all these ahole agencies that get sides made for under $500 with sub contractors can suck my :eggplant:

Honestly, just think creative content - good kw content drives google traffic and you’re better off hiring writers and spending the money there and getting someone on fiver or upwork to implement structure.

I doubt an agency can match that for under $15k because the Cost of Ops just don’t make sense for an agency unless its 1 dude who has clients and his pc doubles as his gf on valentines day.


Explain - you mean getting leads through affiliates or being an affiliate marketer where you’re basically a hor(s)e for the highest commish?

Yeah currently writing/working on content. I think your right. Just need a structure and possible somebody doing outreach for backlink building.

No (okay “few”) affiliate marketer are legitimately working to get you new traffic. Its all a shell game, coupon code advertising and bs. My opinion at least.

Last week I was working with these people that were helping me get the SEO for google. (I opened this thread and everything)

They were telling me that they would do the optimization for google for $800, and then $200/month for maintenance. I didn’t like it, the guy told me “how much do you want to pay for this deal to be acceptable.” That was about the time I told them we couldn’t work together, that if their service was so flexible, I didn’t need it.

I’m remain confused about the actual cost of SEO, if any. I’ve read maybe 100 articles since last week, and at the end of the day, it looks like you can do so much of it, but paying for ads triumphs over the back-end work. At least while your ads have budget.

Mah gawd.

Yeah, the SEO hunt is a real pain. In the past we have gone to actual SEO conferences and directly worked with companies/people who are very prominent in the SEO industry.

Works great, but there is a price tag.

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yah so do amazon agencies but unless you’re procter and gamble they’ll always have a pinky in your booty hole

just as an example when amazon video ads were starting out and had an acos of 2%-4% agencies were selling videos which were essentially power point slides for $500-$2000 a pop - and now obviously they’re doing full fledge production videos for $4500 + depending on what they do. I can get someone off Tiktok to do it for nothing and slap my intro or outro to it - why the fuq would I wanna pay an agency for that? now obviously if I was shitting bricks I wouldn’t give a flying fudge but still if I’m under $10m in sales Ima squeeze every bit of that dollar - which is essentially what an agency does and keeps the margin in between as the cost of service/skill


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