So glad to find this forum!

I’ve been seriously bored of the NSFE and its dysfunctionality until someone (can’t remember exactly who) mentioned Sellers ask Sellers (not as a link). I made a quick search on google and found it. It’s nice to see all the familiar posters from the OSFE. Don’t see dogtamer though. He still around? I miss his quirky yet insightful and humorous posts.

Anyway, great job with this forum!


Welcome home! So glad you found us. A few of us sprinkle “hints” as best we can, the mods are removing any obvious ones.


Dogtamer is AOL.

One day, I imagine he will come out for a bone.


Now I know dogtamer is ancient, but don’t think he’d be on AOL :laughing:
I think you meant AWOL :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad you found us! Welcome home!


I’m still in disbelief. Wasted my entire day looking through the forum … I feel like I’m back home!


damn you book people. always eagle-eyed with the English language.

Though that was a little too obvious.

Maybe I just have Earthlink-itis. Nah, just old age…

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Don’t make me go compuserve on you!



I do admit, I get great satisfaction seeing familiar names. Welcome “home”.

I predict a great future for this forum.


Welcome Glitter Gifs Great to have you!!


OMG, It is nice to be here, but I miss the old Amazon seller boards, 2 or 3 back, when we could talk about bookselling and almost anything and everything.

Does anyone else remember how good and useful the eBay bookseller boards used to be? Satnrose? The guy who lived near Niagara Falls who used to sell medieval manuscripts and knew far more about old books than almost any of us? Can we ask each other the same sort of book questions now–anywhere?


@selg Yes, I remember the old eBay Bookseller board. Satnrose certainly had a wealth of knowledge about.

The Niagara Falls man who sold incunabula passed away in 2021. It was noted in the Bookseller board.

There is a private Facebook group comprised of posters from the old eBay Booksellers board. It’s a small group but people still post about books from time to time. DM me if you are interested in joining the group.

I believe the search bar must be disabled on NSFE --same ol’ questions day after day. Admittedly, most of the questioners aren’t long timers-plus they’re just plain scared. Perhaps their thinking processes have dried up in their panic!!

Just how many threads are needed re: REVERIFICATION? There’s been at least 50!!

Always glad to see another bookseller!! Welcome!


It is not clear to me that any of us marketplace based booksellers have any business need to ask these questions. I have come to doubt that the buyers for the books which require we learn something new shop on online marketplaces. My theory is that when we sell the truly rare books on Ebay we are selling to other booksellers who have the retail buyers. The reason we might ask for help is to avoid pricing above a wholesale level.

If I am wrong, I’d be pleased to be told so.

I am shocked at how many types of rare books are no longer selling, not on ABEbooks, Ebay, Invaluable, Live Auctioneers and certainly not on Amazon.

My water damage claims are requiring me to look at the sales records online for many uncommon publications, and the results are depressing.

WELL … I must admit I am not a bookseller. I am a graphic designer. But I have been told that I have an eagle eye (for design … not so much for words) :laughing:

Oh, and I must also admit that I am not “Dan” (that is my husband of 40 years name and an inside joke about the first press I (we) bought). The name kind of stuck on the forums and I don’t feel like changing it (to what?)