So their marketing is clear...

They’re aiming to be the anti-Etsy. Love it. And also wish I had more stuff set up since they’re advertising a LOT right now.


Yes! I am seeing lots of sponsored ads on Facebook and Etsy.

I’m also thinking it’s good timing because Amazon Handmade is starting to just really feel like it’s sinking.

Kids start back to school next week and then I will have the free time to jump in and probably list my entire inventory.


Well my factory employs a lot of people who use their hands to make the products sooo…

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Sorry, factory-made is a sore subject with most of us hand makers, so no laughing from me. :wink:

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My ornaments are handmade, but by hands in China. Do I get to play?

Not sure how to edit my post above, but it should say ads on facebook and instagram, not etsy.

I keep checking my order summary page so I’m hopeful but not holding my breath. I have about 60 listings now and adding 10 a day but I’m concerned about any change that will make me re-edit them all. There are no easy bulk changes at this point.

at where?

So, did they finished with the “Beta” phase of opening, and is getting to “Marketing to general public” phase now, in only 4 days? The little “Beta” sign is still on MakerPlace logo.

For the last couple days, I’ve been trying not to do search my items there, or click on my own listing to check on things, in order to see whether the data would show each day any click/view/keyword search, presumably generated by other than myself.

There were a little, but I feel the data right now probably are showing clicks or keyword search done by other sellers, checking out things, instead of by the general public looking to buy things.

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Please, do report here when you, or anybody else, have your first order. So, we can all celebrate, and keep our hope up.


Facebook ads mostly.

I have 5 - haha! I’m redoing my Etsy images first, then I’ll use those to add to Michaels - I’ll maybe try to add a few more later today.

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Good idea. MakerPlace need All square photos, otherwise part of images get cut off. That might be why some of the listed items on the site looks crappy.

I have to reformate some of my secondary photos into square (put them into a square white background, then save) when I listing things little by little each day.



Yay! Congratulations!!!


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Congrats, Wade! :star_struck: :tada: :sparkler: So it is for real now.

Can you tell if the buyer was from Michaels’ Advertising, etc or maybe from your own effort of promoting this new venture?

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Definitely not my own promoting. I do no social media. My daughter is a master at this for her work but does not seem to have enough time for her social media inept dad. :rofl:

Congrats Wade!

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Just got my first order on MakerPlace. :laughing: Nothing big, just a pair of earrings. Now need to learn how to process the order there.

@wadeorcas , I was try to print a packing slip, the only suitable thing seems to be the “Invoice”. Is this what you use to include with the order?

I’m going to try to see if I can buy a shipping label from PirateShip. First time buying shipping label outside of Amazon.

I’m really not prepared for MakerPlace, all my earring cards has Amazon address link on it, probably shouldn’t use them. Need to make up some new ones with MakerPlace link.


Yes, I used the invoice.

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