Spam always Smells a Little Funny

So our little home here is getting noticed! We are getting more organic sign ups and more new members every day.

We are also getting noticed by spammers and shillers. We had two this week. We as staff try our best to “sniff test” every sign up before we hit approve, but sometimes they get through.


One user this week was all about reimbursement, turns out they were shilling for a brand new reimbursement company (like a month old) yet they said they were the best out there! :rofl:

Another was about a company purchasing their designs, simple google search shows the “brand” they sold does not exist anywhere. :person_facepalming:

This tells us that our SEO is strong! This is a GREAT thing!


A heartfelt thank you, to those of you who flagged and help keep this place clean of marketers.

Another thank you to the rest of you that have been doing your best to keep
conversations politic free during an election year, full of constant media bombardment on the issues.

Nobody wants to join an Amazon sellers forum full of politics when they need help not losing their shirt to customers or platforms.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Thanks, VTR. So glad you said that, because one reason I put off joining here for so long was that I was afraid of running into a bunch of caustic political commentary, which I had enough of on the old seller forums. Now I’m so happy to be here and see so many of the old familiar names :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome @Marth to SAS!


Thank you!!!

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We’ve missed you - welcome back to the fold!

There’s a bookseller group here that you’ll probably be interested in joining, methinks.

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Awww, thanks Dogtamer. I’ll have to look around a lot more and slowly get up to speed. Trying not to completely hijack this thread, not a very auspicious start for me here, I’m afraid :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


@Marth, @papy shuts that political :poop: down super hard. :smile:

Best forum out there, bar none.

@Pepper_Thine_Angus so that response last night for reimbursements was spam huh? :joy:

I actually did see it in my email and looked up the company and was like oh we got a clever one :thinking:


Yeah we had been keeping an eye on them since they joined, one post. Ok, another post the next day, waited a few days, another, and then last night another.


Katie, may I suggest you take notes from ACTUAL professionals?


Kate (yes I know I spell her name wrong every post!) Knows better then all and none can teacher her anything


Screeching Harpy works for me… :saluting_face:


YEP (with help from community flags). Exactly because :arrow_down:

There are plenty of online public squares for that stuff. SellersAskSellers ain’t one of them.

And the same for shilling, spamming, and spinning non-factual narratives (looking at you, “Swimsuit Sue”): This ain’t it, y’all. We are not here to make products out of people, and SellersAskSellers is not just a front for paid services…maybe the only dedicated e-commerce forum that isn’t.

Big kudos to @Pepper_Thine_Angus and @VTR who were on the ball this morning, protecting our community! :pray:


Also, as a small reminder, Sellers Ask Sellers is not a for profit operation. We do not have an inc. We don’t have SAS bank accounts or credit cards. We don’t have sponsors.

We like to remain neutral and non-biased.


Fortunately SAS seems to run well on Love and Gratitude! They both smell much better than all those SSS’s @papy mentioned. Share the wealth!


The spammer you banned mentioned this company, apparently they’re scraping seller’s names and addresses from Amazon and sending out junk mail too:

Anyone else get this postcard yet?


No, we haven’t - but I can tell you that Getida was among the first to have Amazon itself offering its service via an Amazon-hosted webinar, and also among the first to earn the coveted “Emerald App” badge over in the SPN (‘Amazonese’/‘Amazonish’ for “Selling Partner Network”) - so it doesn’t surprise me to see this apparently-new Marketing effort.

That’s surprising for 2 reasons, the first being that Amazon’s essentially admitting that a reimbursement service has some value because they’re ripping off sellers, and the second that reimbursement services are notorious for repeatedly filing claims and getting sellers suspended.


Imagine that.

Hence the reason why Amazon - for once - carefully vetted a Third Party Service Provider offering such services (it also goes far to explain why Getida developed its “Doc Master” & “Doc Master Pro” solutions for avoiding reconciliation hassles w/ FBA Inbound Shipments).

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If they owe me money, then the reimbursement isn’t free.