🏈 Super Bowl LVII 2023

Who are you cheering on?

  • Philadelphia Eagles :eagle:
  • Kansas City Chiefs :rescue_worker_helmet:

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Did someone say futbol?



You left out “Don’t Care”.

The last Super Bowl I paid any attention to was XXX. That was because it was a mile from my apartment (cost $20 to park there if you didn’t live there). When someone asked me if I was going to the big party the night prior, I said you’d have to pay me $100 to put up with that.

Ended up going. Got $125. (I worked with a photographer hired to cover it). Bunch of crazy people. Makes me realize that I should look around for my “All Access” pass; might be worth something on eBay.
(it was also a disaster for the local businesses; destroyed the downtown.)

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OT: We went to the Arsenal Boxing Day match (son is a superfan). After almost 15 years of being a sideline soccer parent it fully converted me to the Premier League love. It was very, very cool in person.

RE Superbowl: Falcons fans here…I still have the shakes from 2017 so, “Go Chiefs?” :laughing: :rofl:


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Even superbowl commercials don’t grab my interest.

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One of the best SNL skits ever. Eagles v Patriots.


Grrr… football fans. :angry:

(This was a SB related item, I used to be in the sports biz. The histrionic fan is going to have to eat her words when it does get there before the weekend.)

The ONLY REASON I made this purchase through YOU was that It Stated I would RECEIVE before the Weekend!!
you dropped the ball and mailed it LATE. Therefore requesting a return

Not Happy!!

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Updating this to send an “I told you so!” out to the universe. :laughing:

My angry customer received her package today, well before the big game, and even earlier than I expected. 2-day first-class mail from Oregon to Florida. Way to go USPS! :+1:

Some time back though, they changed the way they update tracking while packages are in transit, and now it shows a ‘latest possible’ delivery date, instead of a semi-accurate one. When the angry customer contacted me, her tracking showed delivery “by” Monday, Feb 13, which she took to mean too late for the game.

I monitored her package overnight and it still showed Feb 13, all the way up until this morning, when it went ‘out for delivery’. Even after it had been scanned at the delivering post office, it still said estimated delivery ‘by Feb 13’. :roll_eyes:


So is the “Feb 13” date showing on USPS? Or just on Amazon’s reporting of the tracking?

I noticed that Amazon tracking is now showing fewer details than what you can get by going to the USPS site and entering the tracking number there; Amazon now only reports “A facility”, rather than giving a location, which doesn’t mean very much, especially for those of us used to seeing packages bounce back and forth between Jersey City and some place else.

There’s, like, 50 people here and only 7 votes?!

So is the “Feb 13” date showing on USPS? Or just on Amazon’s reporting of the tracking?


This is how it used to show -

The ultimate destination is Tampa, and once the package reached somewhere close, the delivery date was updated to be more accurate.

This is the shipment the customer was upset about:

Tracking continued to show ‘Delivery Expected by Feb 13’ all the way through to the end.

Maybe they only update those delivery estimates mid-day and not overnight? So if a package hits Florida late at night, and then is delivered early the next day, as my angry customer’s was, it never hits the update time?

I have another one going to Fresno, with a 2:28 pm (west coast time) scan at the Fresno distribution center, and that tracking has updated to correctly show delivery estimated as tomorrow.

But the rest of my undelivered shipments from Tuesday all still say ‘Estimated Delivery by Feb 13’ and none of them will take that long. It’s not that useful if the tracking doesn’t update en route, and only on the day before/day of delivery.


“Sunday is the big season finale with special guest star Rihanna!” :rofl::rofl::rofl: This guy gets it.

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None of the above…Husband and I have a house project I’m hoping to do up in the attic.

On a side note…back in 1985, I was in the Superbowl halftime show when it was at Stanford University. The USAF did the show and I was one of the minions out on the field. And I joke that my oldest daughter was there too because I was pregnant with her. That’s also how I rememer the year.

  1. My husband was under the carosel turning the circus part.

  2. The whole thing was lip synced – no actually singing happened on that day.

  3. I was somewhere out there in the blue line of folks early in the show. And then later opening the flag/country toward the end wearing one of those red skirts.

  4. We had no idea that they would dub in the story book stuff until we got home and saw it on TV later.

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That was a WHOLE PRODUCTION, wow! The (not)singing lady looked like a wholesome Jan Hooks to me. You and your blue/red colleagues were so talented!

Thanks for sharing that video. I used to do stuff with the local theatre group here and love the behind the scenes details.

As for voting, the game will not grace our tv set, no sports fans here. Well, sometimes ice skating, but that’s it. But enjoy the game Papy!

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I was interviewed by CNN about the Super Bowl on the steps of the Miami-Dade County Courthouse back in '89. (No video) That years it was at Joe Robbie Stadium.

I don’t recall much from the short interview other than them mentioning the price of the tickets (Scalped at $4-500 it seems), and I said something like “that’s what I make for a week.”

Later a schoolmate mentioned they saw it … in Germany, where her husband was stationed.

Not as cool as being in the show …

In other football related events, I did serve subpoena’s to several 80’s era Dolphins (Joe Rose, Nat Moore, Hugh Green …). I had one for Joe Robbie, but yeah that wasn’t happening.

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@doilyboutique444 did you see the honorary captains presentation? :pleading_face: Wow, was not expecting all the feelings. :pray: