The Black Friday Holiday Sale Follow Up Strategy

With Black/Cyber weekend behind us, how do people follow up those sale prices with other sales to keep encouraging volume?

I’ve seen an insane number of Deals all over Amazon, so that looked like a popular go-to. But any other strategies?

Like another Prime Exclusive Discount or run with a sale price. Trying to figure the best way to make a good offering, but not the same discount as BF/CM



I would look at competitors with similar products to see what they’re doing to get ideas.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all post-bfcm opportunity, but maybe the resources below can give you some ideas of what to try in December (for the “determined” consumer) that makes sense for your business/products/Buyers.


  1. December gift shoppers ONLINE are generally more likely to be motivated by surprise “right now” limited-time deals/rewards that offer immediate value plus checking a to-do off their holiday list, rather than advertising of a future online sale that might cut delivery too close to their celebrations. Brick & mortar stores have greater advantage, the farther we get into December. Get folks shopping with you, now, and not them, later.
  2. And ordering by December 15 is a widely accepted cut off for personal gift shipping/online shopping.
  3. So it makes sense to put your most powerful ecomm promotions–whatever they might be–forward in the next two weeks.
  4. And speaking of shipping, any time you can make offers that upsell additional products to the same shopper in the same order is a win.
  5. This is a great time for loyalty perks off of Amazon (e.g., a one-time use code for free shipping plus 10% off entire order, only for repeat customers and only good through Dec 5)…
  6. …but on Amazon it has to be a coupon: 10% off if you buy 2, 15% if you buy 3, etc.
  7. DO NOT USE STUPID PERCENTS-OFF. Either offer a deal, or don’t. “2% off for buying 3” is a STUPID PERCENTS-OFF. Yes I’m yelling.
  8. Use your brand/blog space and social media to highlight curated product collections, gift bundles, or ideas for specific types of recipients (some hokey examples meant to jumpstart your own much better ideas: 5 gifts for the guy who has everything, 3 sure-to-please gifts for your mother-in-law, 7 storage strategies for your friend in a small apartment, 4 holiday treats for fur babies, etc). AND THEN pair those with a limited-time-only, value-added deal (percent off, plus free shipping, or free gift wrap, or a 25% off coupon for January, or a $5 gift card for next purchase, etc).

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BINGO! We have a winner!

Message received “Loud and Clear”.

I would add this…
9. Consider outlet deals on Amazon if the price is right. Many people are looking right now for good stuff at very good prices.


I absolutely hate companies who do stuff like this. Offering “deals” that most buyers aren’t actually eligible for, or a website where everything is $39 and there’s a big banner that says FREE SHIPPING WITH A $40 ORDER. That kind of stuff will make me walk and look for a different brand because I get the impression that they need to use scummy tactics because their product doesn’t sell itself.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Wonderful! Thank you.

Definitely good advice!

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thanks guys, all good advice.

I have my own ecommerce pretty dialed with email marketing and such, it’s just doing sales on Amazon and have amazon recognize that the price is still discounted and not pretend it’s standard price because the Black Friday sale was so good.


Definitely a different ball of wax. This is why on Amazon you gotta go through the official options, like coupons and promotions.

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when doing an outlet deal, does that help Sales Rank of the ASIN doing the deal? Or is that the end-all for that ASIN? I accidentally overloaded two ASINs (not the most popular size) and am eligible for Outlet.

Yes it helps the ranking. One of my many outlet deals just sold out and it was not on for the entire 2 weeks. My ranking on the asin decreased really fast and went from 100,000+ in the category to 2,682.

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Thank you for clarifying @Uncle_Leroy

thank you. I thought maybe Amazon did a ranking pause since the pricing would be off-kilter for outlet.

This is actually a pretty awesome confirmation.

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